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The Chevra - Chai CD



The Chevra - Chai CD

The highly anticipated album "Chai" is "The King of Jewish Pop" Eli Gerstner's latest Chevra production, more than five years in the making. This CD fuses incredible vocals with cutting edge compositions to create a fresh, unprecedented sound in Jewish music. Its songs span the spectrum from spirited to soulful. From the up-tempo title track "Chai" to the Sephardic vibe in "Mee Keil Komocha," to the heart rending strains of "Ki Tov Zamrah," this new release is an audio delight that will keep listeners spellbound from start to finish. Featuring a new young quartet of sensational singers, the album introduces a dynamic and distinctive flavor to the JM Scene. With the advent of "Chai," Eli and his remarkable Chevra troupe have proven once again that their combined talents can produce the extraordinary.


1 Chai

2 Uvichein

3 Nachpisa

4 I'm A Jew

5 Kee Tov Zamrah (featuring Yitzy Waldman)

6 Kee Yitzpineini (featuring Yaakov Mordechai Gerstner)

7 V'lirushalayim (featuring Dovid Nachman)

8 Mee Keil Kamocha

9 Peace (featuring Eli Gerstner)

10 Ad Olam (featuring Benny Friedman & The Yeshiva Boys Choir)

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Artist The Chevra
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The Chevra - Chai CD

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