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  1. Jinji DVD, For Women & Girls

    Jinji DVD, For Women & Girls


    Jinji. Light- hearted and upbeat, this classic tale of good triumphing over evil is bursting with joyous musical numbers and characters you will love - or love to despise! Yet ,underlying this simplistic story line, is a message that resonates with us as believing Jews; the faith that the future holds a promise of better days and happy endings, and that it only takes a moment for one's life to turn around. Learn More
  2. The Mask She Wears Double DVD

    The Mask She Wears Double DVD


    Show is intended for MARRIED WOMEN* due to sensitive subject matter;

    under the rabbinical guidance of R' Zev Leff, R' Dovid Orlofsky and others.

    *Not appropriate for unmarried women under age 25.

    The Mask She Wears is a contemporary musical drama about the lives of three young women, each dealing with a different nisayon - that her friends don't necessarily know about. As each woman is propelled towards the resolution of her own conflict, she also inadvertently ends up stepping on her friends’ toes. This powerful and groundbreaking show is intended to raise sensitivity as well as to increase awareness, because we never really know what the people around us are dealing with. Discretion is advised as delicate subjects such as infertility and shalom bayis issues are portrayed.

    Feedback from our audiences:

    "It was really powerful..." "I was riveted the whole time." "You really struck a deep chord in me..." "The way you dealt with such difficult topics was so sensitive and honest..." "There were so many amazing, poignant moments..." "SO REAL..." "You gave a lot of people food for thought...It was incredible." Learn More

  3. Mali #2, People Like Her DVD

    Mali #2, People Like Her DVD


    Mali #2, People Like Her DVD


  4. Little Lord Fauntleroy Double DVD, [for women & girls only]

    Little Lord Fauntleroy Double DVD, [for women & girls only]


    Little Lord Fauntleroy Double DVD, [for women & girls only] Learn More
  5. Wonders Of Hashem #3 - Up In The Air DVD

    Wonders Of Hashem #3 - Up In The Air DVD


    Ari, Abba and the ever funny Kalman are once again going on a spectacular adventure to experience the different Wonders of Hashem.

    This time, with the help of “Tzufleygin travel” they are able to see firsthand the different types of birds that Hashem has created. Join them, as they travel high and low and discover a fascinating collection of beautiful, smart and clever birds.

    This FUN, exciting and educational DVD is packed with JOKES, "FASCINATING FACTS" and special "IN THE TORAH" segments! Your children will laugh and learn


    Featuring cartoon animation, real animal footage, images and AMAZING graphics. Recommended for children ages 3 and up. Learn More

  6. Live In Odessa Concert DVD

    Live In Odessa Concert DVD


    Yochi Briskman Presents Simcha Leiner LIVE IN ODESSA! Featuring 2 New Songs!


    1 - Overture (4:18)

    2 - V'al Hakol (4:11)

    3 - Keracheim (5:35)

    4 - Shebechol (4:01)

    5 - Mimkomcha (6:01)

    6 - Melech Shoichein Ad (5:19)

    7 - Mi Mi (3:53)

    8 - Yodati (6:45)

    9 - Kanfei Nesharim (4:56)

    10 - William Tell Overture (3:29)

    11 - Kol Berama (4:08)

    12 - Naaseh V'nishma (3:50)

    13 - Pishchi Li (6:03)

    14 - V'Ata Marom (6:38) Learn More

  7. Daddy Act, Double DVD (a comedy)

    Daddy Act, Double DVD (a comedy)


    Daddy Act is a story that appeals to ages 6 to 120.

    A comedy about a man who means well but seems to get everything wrong. Living with his in laws as he has recently lost his wife, he loses his job because of his newly discovered Jewish principles and after throwing a Purim party in his in laws home he loses also his kids when the courts give custody to the grandparents until he can hold down a job, run his own home and stop teaching the kids about Yiddishkeit.

    Desperate to see his children every day the father dresses up as a housekeeper and is hired by his unsuspecting mother in law.

    From then on it is fast paced and incredibly funny as he gets into the most complicated situations, the climax being an invitation to the same restaurant for his son's birthday as the family housekeeper and at the same time for a dinner meeting by his boss, as himself.

    It is funny, it is very moving and extremely inspiring. The dancing and gymnastics are brilliant, the singing gorgeous, the costumes stunning and the stage has set a new league.

    Best of all is the professional level of the acting - you will adore the many colorful characters in the cast - an eccentric teacher, a formidable social worker, a one of a kind older brother, an elegant grandmother and the sweetest grandpa in town.

    Watch this story and you will be hoping all the way through that there will be a happy ending for Daniel and his three adorable kids.

    Daddy Act is a video that will be watched again and again and again. Learn More

  8. Besimcha Raba, The Miami Boys Choir DVD

    Besimcha Raba, The Miami Boys Choir DVD


    Yerachmial Begun and The Miami Boys Choir

    With special performances from miami 36 and the choir of unity Learn More

  9. Mendy Music - Kosher Fitness Workout DVD (for kids)

    Mendy Music - Kosher Fitness Workout DVD (for kids)


    Feel the rhythm…hear the beat….and let your spirit get you jumping on your feet! Get ready to sing, dance and exercise together with Mendy and his friends in this fast-pace exhilarating animated workout video for the whole family.

    Coloring Book Inside Learn More

  10. Judeo Double DVD

    Judeo Double DVD


    PORTUGAL 1726

    Dr Diego Nunes is the respected doctor of the King of Portugal and the Grand Inquisitor himself. He is also a Converso – a secretly practicing Jew.

    Faced with the struggle of keeping his family’s faith intact, whilst constantly at odds with his volatile brother Roberto, follow the intriguing story of Dr Nunes’ challenges in this past paced and beautifully produced drama, and be inspired and moved by the story of a courageous Jew in one of history’s most trying times.. Learn More

Items 21 to 30 of 307 total

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