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  1. Portraits In Faith DVD

    Portraits In Faith DVD


    Portraits In Faith DVD Learn More
  2. The Bandman DVD

    The Bandman DVD


    The Band Man is a joyous musical that radiates charm and energy. Set in the early 1900s in a small town in the USA, the plot unfolds as the town is infiltrated by a con artist who is bent on scamming the innocent. However, in the process, this charismatic shyster transforms a stiff, sleepy town into a vibrant community alive with unity and good will, as he boosts his confidence in all. Ironically, as your protagonist impacts those around him, he makes profound changes within himself. The Bandman brings forth the message that a person's good qualities can empower him to overcome his flows....and it's never too late to change. Learn More
  3. Alice in Wonderland Double DVD

    Alice in Wonderland Double DVD


    Regal Productions’ and Zir Chemed’s fourteenth production is a colorful and fun musical adaption of Lewis Carroll’s popular novel, Alice in Wonderland, as you have never seen it before. In this new and meaningful interpretation, a hurt and confused Alice, searching to understand where she belongs, suffers from being bullied. Alice journeys to a strange wonderland where she meets intriguing characters, including the powerful Queen of Hearts, who befriends her. Behind the whimsical characters, Alice uncovers wisdom for life. When she attends a party in her honor, she must finally confront her insecurities and risk all in order to become the girl she truly wants to be. Brimming with lively characters, big song and dance numbers, imaginative costumes and scenery, and a professional level choir of eighty-girls, this fresh version of Alice in Wonderland is one theatrical event you won’t want to miss. Learn More
  4. Hasc A Tme For Music #29-30 Part 1 DVD

    Hasc A Tme For Music #29-30 Part 1 DVD



    1 Maamin Benisim.

    2 We Are A Miracle.

    3 Rock Medley.

    4 Ani Ohev Hashem.

    5 Smachot.

    6 Waldner Medley.

    7 Inshalla.

    8 Israeli Medley.

    9 I Can Be.

    10 Cry No More.

    11 Asarah.

    12 Small Piece Of Heaven.

    13 Et Rekod - Camp HASC Theme Learn More

  5. Unteren Shverd - DVD אונטערן שווערד

    Unteren Shverd - DVD אונטערן שווערד


    Neuhaus Productions Presents: Intern Shverd Video

    א העכסט דראמאטישע שפיל, געשפילט דורך היימישע אינגעלייט Learn More

  6. Untern Shpiel DVD - אונטערן שפיל

    Untern Shpiel DVD - אונטערן שפיל


    The INTEREN CHAVRAYA is at it again! This time with a brand new DVD like you've never seen before. 
    This DVD will let you hop along for the ride to see what's going on "INTEREN SHPEEL" how it all started and how an INETEREN production comes about.
    Including tons of never before seen Behind The Scenes footage, some great in depth interviews with cast and crew members, and lots of fun entertaining surprises along the way.

    The Interen Group is known to always take things a step further and bring Yiddish Entertainment to a new level. With that being said, we are proud to be the first to introduce an awesome new feature to Yiddish DVD's,
    A fun interactive "DVD GAME" !

    אונטערן שפיל - Neuhaus Production 

    Learn More
  7. The Edge DVD

    The Edge DVD


    Keith, a champion windsurfer, comes to Israel to race in an international windsurfing competition. After a near-fatal, yet life-transforming accident, he decides to turn his life around. But a dark secret from his past threatens to completely destroy him. Follow Keith through this action-packed drama, based on the best-selling novel by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer. "The Edge" will keep you on "the edge" of your seat!

    Bonus content: Behind the Scenes Interviews, Trailer and more

    Recommended Viewership: 14+ Learn More

  8. Mysteria Yiddish DVD - מיסטעריע

    Mysteria Yiddish DVD - מיסטעריע


    The close to 10,000 viewers RAVED enthusiastically about the meaningful, MASTERFUL, dramatic, ACTION PACKED THRILLER, with the "Mysteria Play", which was performed on Sukkos 2016 in the landmark "kings Theater" BY the Talented “Imgloiblich” Staff from “Epic Shpiel Production”.

    Now YOU TOO can enjoy a front row seat view of the Mysteria Play with the professional DVD.

    BONUS: for the first time in yiddish plays an IN-DEPTH COMMENTARY of the play by the producers, get a real inside look how a play comes about from thought to stage. Enjoy. Learn More

  9. Jinji DVD, For Women & Girls

    Jinji DVD, For Women & Girls


    Jinji. Light- hearted and upbeat, this classic tale of good triumphing over evil is bursting with joyous musical numbers and characters you will love - or love to despise! Yet ,underlying this simplistic story line, is a message that resonates with us as believing Jews; the faith that the future holds a promise of better days and happy endings, and that it only takes a moment for one's life to turn around. Learn More
  10. Little Lord Fauntleroy Double DVD, [for women & girls only]

    Little Lord Fauntleroy Double DVD, [for women & girls only]


    Little Lord Fauntleroy Double DVD, [for women & girls only] Learn More

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