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The Bystander DVD



A dramatic masterpiece understanding the severity of exclusion

What happens when a child is bullied by a classmate and the onlookers remain a passive audience?

Find out in " The Bystander", a highly impactful story involving Meir, the victim, new to his school and bullied by his classmate, Binyomin, one of the bystanders to it all. It is never easy for a bystander to overcome the pressure he faces to side with the bully; ha may be rejected, ridiculed, and ignored if he stands up to defend the victim. Can Binyamin muster the courage and inner resolve to defend Meir? Much is at stake as Binyamin learns to navigate his complex, yet crucial role as... The Bystander.

Ages 9-14

Additional Information

In Store Item # VDVD613
Running Time 50 Minutes
Language English

The Bystander DVD

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