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The Mask She Wears Double DVD



Show is intended for MARRIED WOMEN* due to sensitive subject matter;

under the rabbinical guidance of R' Zev Leff, R' Dovid Orlofsky and others.

*Not appropriate for unmarried women under age 25.

The Mask She Wears is a contemporary musical drama about the lives of three young women, each dealing with a different nisayon - that her friends don't necessarily know about. As each woman is propelled towards the resolution of her own conflict, she also inadvertently ends up stepping on her friends’ toes. This powerful and groundbreaking show is intended to raise sensitivity as well as to increase awareness, because we never really know what the people around us are dealing with. Discretion is advised as delicate subjects such as infertility and shalom bayis issues are portrayed.

Feedback from our audiences:

"It was really powerful..." "I was riveted the whole time." "You really struck a deep chord in me..." "The way you dealt with such difficult topics was so sensitive and honest..." "There were so many amazing, poignant moments..." "SO REAL..." "You gave a lot of people food for thought...It was incredible."

Additional Information

In Store Item # VDVD826
Running Time 2 hours 24 minutes

The Mask She Wears Double DVD

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