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  1. Experience Greatness

    Experience Greatness


    Among the fascinating topics you’ll find inside:

    At what age the Chazon Ish said a person should finish Shas.

    Should one attend a simchah to which he was not invited?

    Visiting an enemy in the hospital vs. attending his funeral.

    Rav Mordechai Oshmenah’s fascinating dream in 1881 relating to events that occurred in 1545.

    A bidding war for the honor of sweeping the floors of the shul.

    Can a son sit in his father’s chair after the father passes away?

    An interpretation of a famous Zohar by Rav Gavriel Zev Margolis given in Spring Valley, New York, in 1912.

    When, according to the Gedolim, should one learn the laws of respecting parents?

    Rav Chaim Kanievsky explains Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzensky’s ruling on how much one should give to tzedakah.  Learn More

  2. For This I Had to Grow Up?

    For This I Had to Grow Up?


    Have you ever asked a kid what he wants to do when he grows up?

    We did. And here’s what they answered:

    “When I grow up, I want to drive carpool.”

    “When I grow up, I want to do my taxes. Nervously.”

    “When I grow up, I want to worry about money.”

    “When I grow up, I want to wonder how everything I do will affect my back.”

    “When I grow up, I want to randomly yell, ‘Careful!’ when my kids are playing.”

    “When I grow up, I want to repurpose my leftovers.”

    “When I grow up, I want to bribe my kids to do things that I can do faster.”

    “When I grow up, I want to insist I don’t snore.”

    “When I grow up, I want to kill spiders in the bathroom.”

    “When I grow up, I want to wonder why all my doorknobs are sticky.”

    “When I grow up, I want everything I do to have deadlines.”

    Oh, wait. None of them answered that.

    Growing up is not what we expect. But doesn’t humor come from the unexpected?

    Mordechai Schmutter has deadlines. For the past CENSORED years, he has entertained readers with his weekly humor columns in Hamodia, The Brooklyn Family Pages,, and other publications.

    Never you mind how many years. Enough years that some of his columns are now mechuyav in mitzvos.

    This is his sixth book. But who’s counting? Learn More

  3. Among the Stars

    Among the Stars


    The planet hung, suspended in space, turning slowly on its axis… while more distant stars twinkled in the background. Strange stars. Unfamiliar stars.

    “There,” the president of the Earth Jewish Council, Mr. Nachum Koch, said, pointing at the holographic image of the planet with his forefinger. “Beta Centauri C. A scout ship made planetfall there just three days ago, and there are definite plans to colonize it. We need to organize a Jewish delegation to join the next ship that’s going...

    ” Five years later, the huge colony ship, the Expedition, starts out on its journey. On board are thousands of pioneers ready to populate the promising new planet, including two hundred frum Jews who will establish its Jewish community.

    They set off with high hopes for the future, oblivious to the danger that is lurking within the ship — an imposter whose mission is sabotage.

    Koby Fein, fun-loving, adventurous, and easily bored, has boundless energy and a never-ending need for excitement. Though his older sister Shifra is miserable about their one-way journey, Koby is thrilled.

    But life on the spaceship quickly loses its allure, and Koby sets out to find some action. When he convinces his new friend Gavriel to stow away with him on a short shuttle ride, he gets more excitement than he bargained for… and learns some important lessons along the way.

    This action-packed book will take you on a fascinating journey, hurtling through space at nearly the speed of light. You will find adventure and suspense, danger and intrigue, friendship and acceptance — and a cast of characters who live in a futuristic world, but whose challenges and triumphs may be just like your own. Learn More

  4. The Dream

    The Dream


    Avner Gold's expanded edition of The Dream is the hair-raising sequel to The Promised Child. After years of captivity in a monastery, Shloime Strasbourg finally returns to his family and his people. But will he ever take his rightful place in the illustrious Strasbourg rabbinic lineage? Or will it come to an end with him?

    While studying intensely in the seclusion of remote Wielkowicz, he has a terrifying dream that warns of looming peril to his mother back in Pulichev. On his journey home, he befriends Elisha Ringel, a wandering adventurer. The two men travel together to Pulichev, where they find that the Rebbetzin has contracted a mysterious illness that is slowly killing her. Will they identify the cause of the illness in time to save her life?

    Meanwhile, they must also contend with the local priest who is inciting the people against the Jewish population and a blacksmith who has appointed himself the ringleader. Escalating tensions threaten a pogrom. Danger lurks at every corner.

    The Dream is a suspenseful story of hatred, revenge and a desperate race against time to avert the dual disasters looming over the Jewish community of Pulichev. It is a story of ingenuity, resourcefulness, courage and faith in the battle of good against evil.

    The expanded edition also features a set of new chapters about a tragic period in the life of Rav Yom Tov Lipmann Heller, author of Tosefos Yom Tov, while he was the rav of Prague. It tells the story of his betrayal by members of his own congregation, his imprisonment, the imperial decree of execution and his ultimate delivery from death. These historical events are drawn from Rav Yom Tov's Megillas Eivah. The reader should not be surprised to discover that one of the fictional Strasbourg characters offered invaluable assistance. Learn More

  5. The Joyful Jewish Home, Inspirational stories & insights for the Jewish family

    The Joyful Jewish Home, Inspirational stories & insights for the Jewish family


    Throughout history, the Jewish home has been the strength of our people. And today? Today, we face a "shidduch crisis." Swiftly rising divorce rates. An epidemic of shalom bayis problems.

    Who can help us build -- or rebuild -- our homes? 
    For inspiration and advice on how to fix troubled marriages and, even more important, how to build strong marriages from the start, who better to turn to than our gedolim?

    Based on the private writings, shiurim, and conversations with Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein, a son-in-law of Rav Elyashiv zt"l, and a noted rav and posek in his own right, The Joyful Jewish Home brings us inspirational chizuk and effective guidance from the Torah leaders of our time.

    Through true stories and inspirational insights, Rav Zilberstein shows us how to maintain our emunah (and our sanity!) through the shidduch process. He guides new couples through that vital first year, and helps all of us to create homes filled with warmth, happiness, and Torah values.

    The Joyful Jewish Home features a kuntres, a collection of guidance and instructions for navigating the shidduch process from Maran Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita, who shares thoughts and stories on this topic that he heard from his uncle, Maran HaChazon Ish ztl, and from his father, Maran HaKehillos Yaakov (the Steipler zt'l.)

    Women and men waiting for their bashert. Newlyweds and people married for decades. WeÂ’re all searching for the same thing: A Joyful Jewish Home. This book, and the wisdom of our gedolim, can help us build one. Learn More

  6. Sisters Under Siege, A Novel Set During The War Of 1948

    Sisters Under Siege, A Novel Set During The War Of 1948


    Yerushalayim. A city that stands or is destroyed, because of one man's hatred of his brother. girl's hatred of her sister?

    Chava and Tirtza. Two sisters pushed hard and far away from each other. But even as they pull and tear themselves and each other apart, they realize that the bond between them is too strong to break...


    With battle cries in the air, and so many young soldiers falling all around her, Chava Warinsky becomes engaged to a wonderful chassan. But like the trajectory of so much of her life, her joy is shortlived-because of her sister Tirtza.

    Yechiel Eisenman is denied his desire to sit and learn, as he is dragged into defending the Old City. But with his brother Chatzkel calling the shots, he finds himself playing a role that is a whole lot more dangerous than he ever anticipated.

    Sisters under Siege unfolds against the backdrop of Israel's raging War of Independence. In this beautifully written, intricately woven historical novel, readers are given a taste of the throbbing feelings of the time, the emotions that ran deep within every Jew of this era. And as we follow the painful and triumphant twists and turns of both the characters of this novel and the residents of Yerushalayim at this time, we discover that beneath the differences of every Jew is a core of goodness, a deep sense of caring for the other.

    Sometimes that goodness can push one to make great sacrifices for a brother-or a sister.

    And in those sacrifices lies hope. For in them lies the road back to Yerushalayim. Learn More

  7. Liftoff! 23 True Stories

    Liftoff! 23 True Stories


    A young man survives a terrifying carjacking.

    A mother is imprisoned when her emotionally challenged child calls the police.

    Two young sisters, all alone, attempt to escape war-torn Iran, knowing there is a good chance they will never see their beloved home, family, and friends again.

    Liftoff! is a beautiful collection of over twenty real-life stories of people who faced challenges yet managed to overcome them, utilizing their deep emunah and bitachon in Hashem. All of these stories are true. All of them happened to “ordinary” people like you and me. All of them have the ability to uplift and transform each one of us, with their message of the power of the human spirit—and the uniqueness of the Jewish soul. Learn More

  8. Invisible Ties, A Novel

    Invisible Ties, A Novel


    Invisible Ties is a powerful, emotionaldrama, linking past and present whileunderscoring human imperfection and thepotential to rise above it.

    Naomi Kaplan has spent two decades burying herpast – and a dark, shameful secret – until a letter and a phone call brutally tear away the façade she has carefully cultivated, threatening the very foundations of her life.

    Yudi Kaplan has extraordinary musical talent – but no peace of mind. Can his father, facing his own struggles, overcome his insecurities to become the pillar of strength his wife and son so desperately need?

    In far-off London, Melissa Goldberg’s perfect world comes crashing down. Her sister Stephanie, swept up in her dream of becoming a dancer, offers no support, and Melissa is forced to dig deep within herself to confront the painful truth about who she really is. Learn More

  9. One Nation, The Emergence & Development of The Jewish People

    One Nation, The Emergence & Development of The Jewish People


    The Jewish People were chosen in the merit of the great forefathers and in their own merit as a holy nation. Today, as individual descendants of our great ancestors, we are tasked with replicating the faith and deeds of our forefathers, as the Midrash implores every individual to ask himself - When will my deeds reach the level of our forefathers, Avraham, Yitzchak, and Yaakov? The first step in reaching this goal is gaining a deeper understanding of the ways and deeds of our ancestors.

    In this fascinating and original work, readers will experience the momentous events that led to the founding of the Jewish People. Readers will be taken through the Flood, the Avos, the nation's slavery in Egypt, receiving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai, and finally, the Purim story - the culmination of Matan Torah. Learn More

  10. Or HaChaim #7, Bamidbar #1, Bamidbar - Korach

    Or HaChaim #7, Bamidbar #1, Bamidbar - Korach


    OrHaChaim's commentary is so rich, so profound, so wide-ranging, so broad and deep -- it has been one of the foremost, most revered commentaries on Chumash for nearly three centuries.

    The uniqueness of Or HaChaim:

    • Points out every nuance of the Chumash text
    • Blends the plain meaning with the interpretations of the Sages
    • Weaves Kabbalistic concepts into the commentary
    • Explains basic principles of our faith
    • The multi-layered commentary speaks to everyone
    • Elucidates all the elements of the commentary seamlessly

    Created by an extraordinary team of talmidei chachamim, this is the finest elucidation of Or HaChaim in any language.

    It includes

    • Text of the Chumash, Targum, and Rashi
    • Accurate, well researched, vowelized Or HaChaim text
    • Flowing Interpretive translation of Or HaChaim, following the famed pattern of the ArtScroll Talmud, Rashi, and Ramban
    • Introductions of concepts

    Remarkably clear explanatory notes Bottom line? This is an absolute masterpiece! For anyone who wants to understand the Torah as only Or HaChaim explains it - this edition is a is a must! Learn More

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