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Opening of the Heart



The CD is designed to accompany her 6-step workshop, and her style highlights the depth of our nigunim (chassidic mystical melodies) and makes each nigun feel so personal.

Here is what women are saying about her singing:

"The message you give is very powerful and warm. Your singing is an uplifting experience which brought us to a new level of serving the Aibishter" Chani Lazar, Moscow

"It seems clear to me that what Chavi does is a powerful example of what the Rebbe envisioned for what Jewish women can (must!) be in the world, so much depth, so much toichen." Vivi Deren, Springfeild

"When you listen to Chavi you understand what the Baal Shem Tov meant about song being the pen of the soul. She has that rare women's voice that can give full depth and dimension to all of our beloved nigunim" Rifka Slomin, Binghamton, NY

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Opening of the Heart

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