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People Speak #10, One Good Turn Deserves Another



Real people navigate life's challenges...

Burned in a Fire- Two young singles are set up by their boss. They click, and he proposes. Then she tells him, "There's something you have to know. I was in a fire. I mean, I was a fire." He's speechless. No! Not my father's accident! What chance do you give this shidduch?

Journey of Surrender - A childless couple sets out on a journey that gets stranger by the minute. On a dark, lonely road, they meet an Arab who suggests they come with him to his village. Against all odds, they say yes, never dreaming of the impact this would have on their lives.

To His Eternal Rest & Reward - A marriage proposal on Har Hamenuchot? Wait until you hear the moving story behind it - about a girl who dropped out... and her parents who never gave up.

Smoke Screen - A lonely old woman passes away leaving two conflicting wills. Which one is real, and which is a fake? The lawyer and judge can't figure it out - and you won't be able to either - until they blow away the smoke screen.

People Speak 10 tells the incredible true stories of twenty-six people who either wrote or told them to author Chaim Walder.

Writing the stories is an art - the art of authenticity, of letting people tell their story in their own words. Of conveying their unique situation and the strong emotions that pushed them to share their story.

Chaim Walder isn't content to just tell a story. He paints the main players in strong colors. Their personalities, ways of talking, and characters spring to life to the extent that the reader feels he's met them and can see them standing there right before his eyes. The reader gets not only a good story but meets the unforgettable person who decided to share the story, and sometimes this is the most powerful encounter of all.

People Speak 10 is the 50th book by author and educational consultant Chaim Walder, director of Bnei Brak's Child and Family Center and winner of the Magen Layeled prize, awarded by Israel's prime minister, in 2003.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BFELD2554
MSRP $24.99
Author Chaim Walder
Translator Aviva Rappaport
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 256
ISBN-13 9781680253603
Publisher Distributed by Feldheim
Published Aug 23, 2018
Product Dimensions 7"x10"

People Speak #10, One Good Turn Deserves Another

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