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Haggadah for Pesach - From Slavery to Freedom



With commentary from the Lubavitcher Rebbe in English translations and with illustrations


"You shall tell your son" This is one of the central mitzvos of the Seder night.

At the Seder night children are our honored guests.

We have special customs, questions, and curiosity, to help them stay awake and attentive and listen carefully to the story of miracles and wonders.

This Haggadah for Pesach "From Slavery to Freedom", it turns the story of the Exodus into an enjoyable and enriching educational experience for children.

The familar words of the Haggadah are accompanied by impressive colorful illustrations, which bring the story to life right in front of the children's eyes; From slavery and Galus, straight to wondorous redemption.

Commentaries from the Lubavitcher Rebbe have been incorporated in a concise way into the Haggadah, providing the children with a true Chassidic experience of the Seder.

"From Slavery to Freedom" - is not just a story in a book

Additional Information

In Store Item # BKEHOT544
MSRP $29.95
Author David Slavin
Illustrator Devorah Benedict
Language Hebrew/English
Format Hardcover
Pages 136
Published Mar 14, 2018
Product Dimensions 9" x 12"

Haggadah for Pesach - From Slavery to Freedom