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Read and Remember



Our Sages teach that words of Torah are as difficult to acquire as vessels of gold, and as easy to lose as vessels of glass (Chagigah lSa). Talmud study is challenging, but retaining one's learning is an even greater challenge, even after numerous reviews, as anyone who has studied Talmud can attest. Read and Remember is an attempt to alleviate this problem through the device of the story. People tend to remember what is interesting or curious to them, and when the interesting material is connected to a Talmudic passage or halacha, they will stand a better chance of remembering that as well. Our Sages teach that even the plain speech of a Torah scholar requires study (Succah 21 b ). And certainly his practices and halachic rulings require study. Read and Remember is a collection of over one thousand stories about great Torah personalities of our era, geared to the English reader, providing a glimpse of their plain speech, practices and halachic rulings. At the bottom of the pages is a Hebrew commentary, geared to the Talmudic scholar, providing the beginning of the study and analysis that is expected of us.


770 pp.

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Read and Remember