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Velvet Talis and Tefillin bags -Style 208-MT


One of our top selling classic designs, the 208-MT is a great chioce for a Chosson or a Bar Mitzvah boy. You can choose from five different color velvet - Black, Navy, Green, Maroon, or Gray. 

After you choose a color you will select one of the following options

  • A teffillin bag 
  • a set of Rashi and Rabbainu Tam tefillin bags 
  • A Large talis bag (meant for a talis and has room for one teffilin bag as well)
  • Large Talis bag set (One Large talis bag and one Matching Tefillin bag)
  • A XL Talis bag (For a talis and has place for two tefillin bags inside
  • A XL talis bag set ( XL talis bag and Rashi- Rabbainu Tam set)

Now a field for embroidery will show up and you will be able to personalize the bag(s)

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In Store Item # 208-MT

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$42.00 - $196.00

Velvet Talis and Tefillin bags -Style 208-MT

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