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Step Into My Shoes, Life Gets Complicated. Short Stories About How Teens Cope



Manners, Middos, and Maturity in One Amazing Book for Teens!

Helping a teenager make the most of this vital stage in life can be challenging, yet Step Into My Shoes aims to do just that: Bring out the very best in our teens.
With a focus on character building, this book deals with the everyday dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Sample topics include: not to covet the possessions of others, giving others the benefit of the doubt, judging others favorably, not to embarrass others, using positive speech, telling the truth, and more.

The book is filled with true-to-life stories depicting common situations that test one’s character, along with supplemental activities, games, fun facts, thought-provoking questions and inspiring anecdotes. The result is a volume that empowers teens to broaden their perspective, make wise choices, manage emotions, take responsibility, and develop good middos.

Ideal for teens, parents, counselors, camp and school settings, even the Shabbos table, Step Into My Shoes will help your teens to confidently step into their own!

Additional Information

In Store Item # BFELD2519
MSRP $19.99
Author Danielle Sarah Storch , Tova NessAiver
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 304
ISBN-13 9780999198216
Publisher Distributed by Feldheim
Published Mar 22, 2018
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

Step Into My Shoes, Life Gets Complicated. Short Stories About How Teens Cope

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