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Stories That Strengthen Your Heart



Here's what everyone needs at some time in their life: 
Hope. Validation. Encouragement.
And strength. So much strength! 
That's what you'll find in these stories...

  • The doctor had a beautiful family, great job, huge income -- and yet it was his totally paralyzed ALS patient who gave him strength to go on
  • The rabbi was determined to strengthen the spirits of an imprisoned Jew -- and not even a federal prison guard could stop him
  • She was lying in a coma -- and yet her teacher's words reached through the darkness and gave her the strength to survive

Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky knows how to find a great story, and how to tell a great story. Just ask any of the thousands of readers who eagerly await his marvelous collections of true stories. In Stories That Strengthen Your Heart, we will hear about how a little boy's prayers and simple trust saved his "miracle" baby brother, and how a stranded air passenger listens to Hashem's "message" and gets the flight, and the faith, he was missing. In a hospital room and on a boardwalk in Florida; from a monastery in the Far East to a professional basketball court – here are more than 50 stories to inspire us, entertain us - and give us strength when we need it!

Additional Information

In Store Item # BART2154
MSRP $25.99
Author Rabbi Binyomin Pruzansky
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 296
ISBN-13 9781422622513
ISBN-10 1422622517
Publisher ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Published Nov 19, 2018
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

Stories That Strengthen Your Heart