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The Divine Code - The Seven Noahide Laws



World-wide interest in the Seven Commandments for the Children of Noah (all non-Jews) is growing rapidly, and great numbers of people around the world have already committed themselves to observe these commandments. However, until the publication of this landmark volume, a comprehensive, clear, and expertly researched English-language guide for observance and study of these Divine precepts has been lacking.

The Divine Code Vol. I, is the result of an historic project by Ask Noah International. Originally compiled in Hebrew by Rabbi Moshe Weiner and endorsed by prominent Torah scholars, including both Chief Rabbis of Israel, it examines the Torah-law foundations and details of the Noahide precepts. Unique among the previous popular overviews of the subject, this authoritative text is footnoted with extensively researched Talmudic and post-Talmudic sources. It identifies and applies the fundamental principles by which the practical requirements for righteous living are determined for pious non-Jews.

Volume I focuses on the Noahide commandments between man and G-d. It contains four parts, with contributed introductions by Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet, a leading Canadian Rabbi and author of many popular books on Torah-based spirituality and philosophy, and by Joe. M. Regenstein, Ph.D., a leading expert on guidelines in the meat industry for improved animal welfare.

Part I covers principles of the Torah-based monotheistic faith, the Divine rewards that non-Jews may earn by observing of the Noahide Code, and practical guides to subjects of primary importance in daily life - Torah study, daily prayers, moral imperatives, and returning to the righteous path. Parts II-IV cover the prohibitions of idolatry and blasphemy, and the prohibitions associated with causing unnecessary pain to living creatures. The book also explains the Torah basis of outreach to non-Jews regarding the Noahide Code.

Volume II (in preparation) will focus on the Noahide commandments between individuals  namely the prohibitions against homicide, theft, and forbidden sexual activities.

Translated and expounded from the original Hebrew, Sefer Sheva Mitzvot HaShem (The Book of Seven Divine Commandments)(383 Pages)


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In Store Item # B453
Author Rabbi Moshe Weiner
Publisher Ask Noah International

The Divine Code - The Seven Noahide Laws