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The Miracle Worker, Stories about R' Amram Ben Diwan



Rabbi Amram Ben Diwan was one of the greatest, as well as most intriguing, Torah personalities of his generation. A leading scholar and miracle worker who lived during the 1700s, he was from Jerusalem but passed away and was buried in Morocco. He was proficient in every aspect of Torah literature, including Halachah, Talmud, and particularly Kabbalah.

The Miracle Worker: Stories about the Tzaddik Rabbi Amram Ben Diwan, written by Rabbi Meir Elazar Attia and restructured and edited by noted author Yehuda Azoulay, will provide readers with a penetrating glimpse into this holy man. Learn who Rabbi Amram Ben Diwan was, and about the incredible miracles wrought through him.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BIBS1110
MSRP $20.95
Author Rabbi Meir Elazar Attia, Yehuday Azoulay
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 192
ISBN-13 9781600916465
Publisher Israel Bookshop Publications
Published Nov 8, 2018
Product Dimensions 6" X 9.25"

The Miracle Worker, Stories about R' Amram Ben Diwan

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