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The Practical Tanya #1



Includes all 53 chapters of the first part (likkutie Amorim) of Tanya in one book!

An astoundingly clear adaptation of Tanya, the most influential manual of Jewish spiritual thought ever written, penned by Chasidic Master and Kabbalist, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812). This new translation and commentary, by best-selling author Chaim Miller, renders the text relevant for the contemporary reader with elegant simplicity. The Practical Tanya will guide you on the path of spiritual consciousness to a state of inner freedom and liberation.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BKM16
MSRP $50.00
Author Rabbi Chaim Miller
Language Hebrew/English
Format Hardcover
Pages 720
ISBN-13 978-1-934152-37-9
ISBN-10 1-964152-37-4
Publisher Kol Meheichal Publishers
Published Nov 21, 2016
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

The Practical Tanya #1

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