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The Raviner Miracle Part 2



A story of Betrayal and survival, is a spellbinding adventure presented with music and songs

With the blessing of the great Rebbe of Ravine, a child is born to the pious Reb Shimshon and it is soon evident to all that this child is destined for greatness. But what hopes are there of realizing greatness in a small European city on the verge of being swept into the raging storm of World War II? Listen as noted storyteller, Rabbi Tzvi Serebrowski, weaves an intriguing tale of suspense and drama, taking us on an adventure that is sure to be enjoyed time and time again. Here's the exciting conclusion to Part 1 as told by Rabbi Tzvi Serebrowski. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Additional Information

In Store Item # T2163CD
Artist Rabbi Tzvi Serebrowski
Language English

The Raviner Miracle  Part 2