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The Steinsaltz Chumash



This volume features several innovative elements including:


  • Hebrew verses in clear Koren font, with vowels and punctuation
  • Accessible English translation that reflects Rabbi Steinsaltz’s understanding of the text
  • Parshiyot divided thematically with introductory explanations
  • Color photos that identify biblical objects and illustrate complicated concepts
  • Notes and photos of modern archaeological and scientific findings
  • Maps, illustrations, and charts to clarify locations and concepts
  • Supplemental background materials, cross-references to the Torah

Additional Information

In Store Item # BAT259
MSRP $49.95
Author Adin Steinsaltz
Language Hebrew/English
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9789653019430
Published Oct 9, 2018
Product Dimensions 8"x9.5"

The Steinsaltz Chumash

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