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Zeh Kaporosi - The Custom of Kaporos



Zeh Kaporosi - The Custom of Kaporos

The minhag of Kaparos is widely practiced, often discussed, and occasionally criticized. Interestingly, it is usually misunderstood – even by those who perform the ritual every year.

With amazing depth of scholarship and research, and an engaging easy-to-read style, Avrohom Reit has created another masterpiece: full of new information and sources for the scholar, practical suggestions and tips for the practitioner, and inspiring explanations for the beginner. This volume will change your perspective, enrich your practice, and deepen your entire process of coming back to Hashem.

Includes details on “kisuy hadam” and detailed illustrated instructions on Kashering chickens.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BFELD2062
MSRP $22.50
Author Avrohom Reit
Editor Doron Kombluth
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 163
ISBN-13 978-1-937-88720-9
Publisher Mosaica Press
Product Dimensions 9"x8"

Zeh Kaporosi - The Custom of Kaporos

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