Ahrele #3, The Incredible, Touching Story of Rav Ahron Margalit, Part 3

The amazing true story of Aharon Margalit's drive to triumph over all trials and tribulation from childhood through adulthood has been a bestselling source of inspiration to adults in As Long As I Live. This graphic story presentation has been adapted for children to inspire them while entertaining with the fascinating story of his life.

"I have always been a man of dreams — of vision, hope, and faith. I remember myself holding on to my dreams for dear life from a very young age. I drew strength from my dreams to deal with life, to overcome difficulties, and to keep on trying. In the course of my life I have seen — more than once — that sometimes dreams do come true, especially for those who believe and pray that the day will come when they will indeed come true."

"One question comes up over and over again whenever I meet with children and adults: You had such a hard childhood. You contracted polio at the age of two and a half, and you were left with a severe handicap that affects you to this day. You spent years in a hospital and than in a home for handicapped children, far from your home, your friends, your family. The people around you criticized you harshly. You stuttered badly for many years, which led to many social and emotional difficulties. How did you succeed in overcoming the feelings of inferiority that accompanied you during those years to become a popular speaker in Israel and the world over? I know that many children (and adults, too) suffer from feelings of inferiority. In this book, I tried to give you some guidance on how to overcome those negative feelings that sap your spirit, weigh you down, and prevent you from reaching the potential that Hashem Yisbarach implanted in you. If I succeed, with Hashem's help, in ridding myself of these negative emotions, every single one of you can, too. Daven to Hashem to help you, ask advice when necessary learn from other people's experiences — and believe that you can do it! I have confidence in your ability and pray for your success.


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