Ani Omel CD

Ani Omel CD

13 Tracks:

1. Ani Omel (Featuring Shira Chadasha, Yididim & Jjbc).

2. Dodi Yorad.

3. Hayom Katzar (Featuring Yedidim & Jjbc).

4. Yiboneh (Featuring Shira Chadasha & Matanel Tucker).

5. Siman Tov (Featuring Moshe Roth Choir).

6. Boi Beshalom (Featuring Joel Sachar Choir & Shira Chadasha).

7. Eheye Katal (Featuring Yedidim).

8. Koh Ribon (Featuring Yididim, Shira Chadasha & Jjbc).

9. Vesomachto (Featuring Yididim & Shira Chadasha).

10. Chasin (Featuring Yididim).

11. Hodu (Featuring Yididim & Shira Chadasha).

12. Hamavdil (Featuring Joel Sachar Choir & Shira Chadasha).

13. I Langa I Langa (Featuring Yedidim).

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