As Strong As Can Be #2, Children Empowering Themselves

Netanel has everything going for him. Almost. He’s got just one problem. He knows you’re supposed to listen to parents and teachers, but instead he finds himself always arguing with them, ignoring what they tell him to do…and even talking back. He has no choice but to… Well, let’s just say it was hard.Yael lives in the Old City in Yerushalayim. She is a success in every area except one: her relationship with her sister. The two sisters fight a lot, and at times they seem to even hate each other— until one day, they hear a story from the past that opens their eyes.Yitzchak likes to help. But not at home. Yitzchak lives in a big, happy family with twelve children. Everyone pitches in to help with household chores. Everyone, that is, except him. Not that he’s lazy. It’s just that he’s got better things to do. And when he and his friends discover a secret cave…These and other children, each with his or her own unique character and personality, are the heroes of As STRONG as Can Be! 2As STRONG as Can Be! 2 focuses on situations found in the home with parents and siblings and shows children good ways to handle them. As STRONG as Can Be! 2 combines comics, illustrated stories, and step-by-step coaching.The heroes of the stories encounter real-life situations within the family. They—and the reader—learn to cope successfully using the many tools found in this book. As STRONG as Can Be! 2 will give your child tools to last a lifetime.Approbations:"The book deals with empowering youth and lifting their spirits, and gives them fascinating tools to cope with daily life.”Harav Mordechai Blau, Chairman of Mishmeres Hakodesh v’Hachinuch“Reading this book and working through its guidelines will save parents much aggravation and expense, and, G-d willing, will bring them much nachas.”Rabbi Avraham M. Segal, Educational consultant and therapist“This book…develops the child’s self-control, self-regulation, flexibility, and empathy...”Einat Yashpe, Director of the Educational Psychology Service, Bnei Brak MunicipalityAbout the Author:Chaim Walder & Mordechai Roth have created an extraordinary book where story and coaching meet. Mordechai Roth is the originator of the “Roth Method,” a unique system for restoring body and soul. At his highly regarded clinic, he offers expert therapy for adults, teens, and children.Chaim Walder is a popular author, the director of the Child and Family Center in Bnei Brak, and a recipient of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Magen HaYeled (Defender of Children) award.

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