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  1. The King only wants the very best for his son, and for that reason, sends him to a faraway land. It's one of the Baal Shem Tov's most insightful parables, and it gets "the royal treatment" in The Prince Who Forgot, an enchanting tale with marvelous illustrations, and an amazing insight into life that will empower and inspire readers of all ages. Plus: It all relates back to the glory of the shofar - perfect for Rosh Hashanah. Learn More
  2. The Power of Our Words

    Chaim Zalman and Kalman were as close as two friends could be, 
    Until something happened last Tuesday at three...

    In this charming and adorably illustrated story, readers will see the powerful effects of the words we say. When we fail to be dan l'kaf zechus and engage in lashon hara and rechilus, people's feelings could be hurt terribly, and a once-beautiful and close friendship could unfortunately become ruined...

    These concepts are clearly and age-appropriately portrayed in Chaim Zalman and His Best Friend Kalman. A true winner of a book, with a Torah-true message to match! Learn More
  3. …Hashem is not like you and me...
    He's not a person you can see.
    But all our lives are in His hands;
    He runs the world. He makes the plans...

    He makes things happen as they should;

    All He does is for our good.
    No matter what you choose to do,
    Hashem is ALWAYS there with you!

    Nighttime can be scary for young children, yet with positive thoughts of emunah in Hashem, every child can learn to feel confident and secure in His constant, loving protection.

    Hashem Is Always with Me is a delightful book that conveys this message beautifully to kids. It teaches us that although we can't see Hashem, He is everywhere, controlling everything, and whatever He does is for our good. Learn More

  4. Sukkos is in the air at Kinderland Castle! Everyone is busy preparing for Yom Tov, and Prince Pinny wants to be a part of it too. But what if Hashem puts a different mitzvah opportunity in his path?

    Join Pinny as he learns to choose what Hashem wants him to do, over what he himself might want.

    Kids will delight in the Kinderland Castle's cast of lovable characters, as they learn important lessons and good middos. Enhanced with adorable illustrations, Prince Pinny Makes Hashem Proud is a book that children will want to read over and over again! Learn More

  5. Torah Above All

    And Other Stories about Rav Avrohom Yeshayah Karelitz, the Chazon Ish zt"l

    For years no one outside of his own family knew of the extraordinary gadol in their midst. He was so careful to learn Torah completely l'shmah, and not for any other reason, that he went to great lengths to hide his greatness. But when the time came for Rav Avraham Yeshayah Karelitz's genius and tzidkus to be revealed to the public, all of Eretz Yisrael--and indeed, the entire Torah world--became changed. Through the Chazon Ish's matchless devotion to limud haTorah and his brilliance in halachah, he brought up the level of Klal Yisrael, and to this day we are still benefitting from his gifts to the Torah world.

    Torah Above All includes twenty-five awe-inspiring stories about the holy Chazon Ish. Each story will uplift you and help increase your own appreciation for Torah and yiras Shamayim Learn More

  6. Story Solutions #8 - My Sister Is a Kallah

    Preparing Children for Simchas and Other Family Gatherings

    The Story Solutions series enriches your home library with captivating, real-life stories and eye-catching illustrations that appeal to young children and contribute to their positive emotional development.

    Story Solutions teaches children to overcome the many, varied challenges that fill their early years. Ingraining essential skills and an optimistic attitude through a positive story experience, the series leads children to achieve a healthy emotional balance while confronting their difficulties and fears.

    The entertaining, educational and therapeutic stories in this series come reviewed and highly recommended by bibliotherapists. Learn More

  7. Avi, The Happiest Boy Alive
    Join Avi, the Happiest Boy Alive, on a journey to discover the secret to true happiness... Learn More
  8. Pretty Please With a Cherry on Top & Other Stories
    Twelve exciting stories of adventure and shows children how to think things through, make the right decision, and change for the better.

    With a natural feeling for children and how they think, author Rachel Stein helps kids find their inner strength through her true-to-life stories of challenge and achievement.

    Trim along with Shimmy and find the joy that comes from an extra dose of caring. Spend a day with Yonah as he learns the reason for special arrangements. Look into a time capsule with Eli and discover the secret of friendship. And much more! Learn More

  9. Moishy's Awesome Discovery
    Moishy Goldman is always on time, does all his homework, and gets straight A’s. But when Zevi Weinberg asks him for help, Moishy tells him he doesn’t have time.

    Then mysterious notes begin appearing in Moishy’s Gemara. Who’s writing them, and why? As he investigates, he’s led to a whole new understanding of himself and the world.

    In this eagerly awaited sequel to Yanky’s Amazing Discovery, Moshe Bauman completes the unfinished story begun by his brother, Reuven Bauman, z”l. Young readers will identify with Moishy’s difficulties and be inspired with him by the stories of Rav Moshe Feinstein.

    Grade 4-5 Learn More

  10. Chaos in the Kitchen
    Who’s ruining all the cakes? Eleven-year-old Yitz Levine doesn’t mind putting up posters for his sisters’ bake sale because he knows he’ll get to sample the yummy desserts.

    But the brownies are horribly sweet, the chocolate cake tastes like the Dead Sea, and the frosting explodes like lava from a volcano. And even worse, the girls are blaming Yitz and his friends for their baking disasters. Can Yitz, Avi, and Yaakov find the real culprit?

    Join Yitz and friends in this hilarious story as they follow the clues…and gain some tasty tips for getting along with others.

    Grade 4-5 Learn More

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