I Believe! Book and Sing-Along CD

Yes, I believe in all these things,

So every day, these words I'll sing -
I believe b'emunah sheleimah.
I'll place these words into my heart,
And with these words each day I'll start -
Ani ma'amin b'emunah sheleimah...
The Thirteen Principles of our faith. It's the bedrock of our emunah, what all Jewish parents want to transmit to their children. Now, with this groundbreaking book and song, kids can actually learn and know all the Thirteen Principles...by heart! And what's more, they'll love learning and singing about them, too!
Rabbi Mordechai Dubin, a veteran rebbi, songwriter, and musician, knows how to reach children. Through music, song, and genuine heart, Rabbi Dubin instills in kids many fundamental concepts in a way that is enjoyable, fun, and everlasting.

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