Dating and Marriage

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  1. The story is told about an older couple that was having a fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration. All their children and grandchildren were there, and a caterer provided a delectable meal. One of the waiters approached the head table, where the husband and wife were sitting, and asked what they’d like. The wife chose a piece of dark chicken.

    One of the grandchildren who happened to be next to them asked,

    “Bubby, why are you taking the dark chicken? Every time we’ve been over for Shabbos you always take the white part.”

    “The truth is,”" Bubby answered, “I prefer dark meat. But I know that Zaidy prefers the dark meat, so for fifty years I’ve been eating the white.”

    “Well, I actually prefer the white meat,” Zaidy interjected, “and for fifty years I’ve been taking the dark meat because I thought you liked the white meat.”

    No one said anything for a moment.

    “Then I guess you both lost,” said the grandchild.

    “No,” they answered in unison, with big smiles on their faces. “We both won.”

    The Goal of this book and the accompanying men's volume is that you and your husband should be able to look back and realize that the giving, sacrifices, and everything else you do for each other have made you winners - the biggest winners possible in the most important area of life. 

    -Excerpted from the introduction Learn More

  2. Hadracha on Shalom Bayis & Building a Yiddishe Home
    Harav Hagaon Rav Moshe Braverman shlita

    Special Shiurim for Chassanim Included

    Harav Moshe Braverman shlita, Rosh Yeshivah of Yeshivas Meah Shearim, is a world-renowned authority on Shalom Bayis issues and a sought-after Mashpia who has gained international acclaim for his expertise in dealing with all aspects of the Jewish home.

    Through his shiurim and classes, as well as through his personal guidance, he has influenced scores of individuals and couples and helped guide them through the thorniest issues of Shalom Bayis, as well as with everyday challenges that affect every home. I have been privileged to share a relationship with Rav Braverman and am proud to offer his profound shiurim on Shalom Bayis in English. This is the first time Rav Braverman’s Shalom Bayis shiurim have been translated and published in English, and will surely be a great benefit for all English-speaking families.

    The shiurim are translated as said by Rav Braverman. The lessons contained within are those stressed by Rav Braverman as being of utmost importance for every Jewish husband and wife.

    May you all be zocheh to benefit from this sefer and merit having the Shechinah dwell in our homes. Learn More

  3. Family Purity
  4. Shall We Have Another? A Jewish Approach To Family Planning
    After having one child or more, most couples are able to consider having another. Life-changing decisions like these should be educated and well-informed ones. It is no secret that Jewish tradition encourages a Jew to continue having children should the opportunity arise. In today’s society, this position is often challenged from multiple directions. Shall We Have Another? endeavors to explain the Torah’s position on the subject and address the various challenges associated with it.

    Haskama include: R' Hershel Schachter, R' Gavriel Zinner, R' Chaim Mayer Roth, and more.

    About the Author: 

    Rabbi Mendel Dubov serves as rabbi and director of Chabad in Sussex County, NJ, and is a faculty member at the Rabbinical College of America. He has previously published several books on Jewish thought and is an ongoing contributor to, one of the largest Jewish websites. Learn More

  5. You And Me Equals We, The Counter-Intuitive Path To A Stable Shalom Bayis
    Shalom Bayis needs more than just giving in.

    Being mevater is a beautiful ideal, one for which every Jew can and should strive. Marriage would be a non-stop battle if we insisted on always getting our way. Indeed, couples who can graciously and sincerely concede to the other’s needs possess a master key to harmony.

    However, vatranus — or more accurately, a superficial simulation of this trait — can also mask and sometimes trigger deep and profound problems in a marriage.

    Is your go-to strategy of giving in producing negative or dangerous side-effects in your marriage? Ask yourself some questions:

    • Do you feel controlled by your spouse?
    • Are there many things you refrain from saying to your spouse for fear of his/her reaction?
    • Do you feel that you give and give and get very little in return?
    • Would your spouse be surprised to find out what you really feel and think?
    • Are you unable to enjoy life and feel good about yourself when your spouse is down on you?
    • Are you unable to enjoy life and feel good about yourself when your spouse is down on you

    For most couples, and virtually all couples that are unhappy, giving in simply does not cover every area of conflict.

    Only an angel can constantly acquiesce without feeling defeated.

    Fortunately, tools exist that can enable you to establish yourself as a separate individual whose hands are on the controls of your own emotional life. You can exist and thrive as a couple, even in a state of disagreement, even in a state of conflict, even when one of you is occasionally unhappy with the other. You and Me Equals We is about those tools and how to use them.

    To have a happy, healthy marriage, you don’t have to be an angel. But you do have to be you.


    It is clear that this book is the fruit of much labor, effort, and profound thought. The author understands and knows how to plumb the depths of people’s traits, and recognizes the powers and properties of the soul. For years he has helped many people with sage advice, and with Hashem’s help, he has been successful.


  6. Happily Married For Men/For Women - 2 Volumes
    Happily Married For Men/For Women - 2 Volumes

    The Complete Guide to a Successful Jewish Marriage Learn More

  7. The Edifice: Dating, Marriage and an Everlasting Home
    The Edifice is a journey into the Rebbe's uplifting world of ideas and life lessons on dating, love, marriage, the Jewish wedding, children and Mikvah. Learn More
  8. My Wife, My Queen, A No-Holds-Barred Shalom Bayis Book For Men
    My Wife, My Queen is a priceless book to help every marriage become the best it can be.

    Based on the understanding that the husband’s attitude toward his wife is the key to a successful marriage, Rabbi Kaplan has written this book — with no-holds-barred — to share his wealth of experience on how to strengthen a marriage.

    In his inimitable and humorous style, Rabbi Kaplan guides husbands through everyday scenarios and helps them realize how easy it is to treat their wife like a queen — just like she deserves! Learn More

  9. The Joy of Intimacy

    This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you how to have happiness in your home, a family with love, and enjoy the marriage you dreamed of!

    In this Book You Will Discover…

    • The Secret… to spontaneous passion, setting the intimate mood and igniting your bedroom…
    • Why Sparks… fade (and what you can do to keep your relationship alive, fresh & fulfilling)…
    • One Simple Way…to immediately transform your relationship and overcome even the greatest obstacles Learn More
  10. Reaching New Heights Through Kindness in Marriage

    This book is meant for everyone. The information and strategies that it provides were tested over the past three decades in my work as a marriage and family counselor. They have helped couples preparing for marriage as well as married couples whose relationships were at risk.

    Marriage can be as holy as a "devouring fire," full of fervor, passion, and enthusiasm. Each can connect with the other and become attached with a bond so strong, to feel so beloved by the other and feel such a love for the other, that their unity creates within them the most eternal peace on earth, an internal serenity that manifests externally in all their ways.

    This true love experience ignites a soul ascent, eager to capture the rapture of Oneness; unifying each other wherever they might be, near or far, always close in heart and soul, until together they are able to conquer worlds, to make an abode for divinity here on earth; to build a true home out of that beautiful love, a miniature sanctuary of their own.

    I pray as you read this book that you see the holiness in yourselves and in your spouse, that you experience much delight all the days of your life, forever together, reaching new heights.

    Learn More

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