Dictionaries and Reference

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  1. Sefer HaMaftechos LeSichos Kodesh - ספר המפתחות לשיחות קודש ה'תרפ"ט-ה'תשנ"ב
    Sefer HaMaftechos LeSichos Kodesh - ספר המפתחות לשיחות קודש ה'תרפ"ט-ה'תשנ"ב

    A sweeping, comprehensive index on the complete body of the Rebbe`s spoken word.

    Rabbi Michoel Seligson has captured the variety and breadth of the Rebbe`s life`s work covering the years - 5695 to 5752.

    A whopping 1600 pages in a 8 /12 x 11 format, this book is essential in locating where and what the Rebbe said on any particular topic. Learn More

  2. Shilo Pocket Heb/Eng Dictionary
    Shilo Pocket Heb/Eng Dictionary

    An indispensable classic for students of Hebrew language!

    This comprehensive Hebrew-English/ English-Hebrew dictionary, printed in a large easy-to-read typeface, features over 30,000 words and covers a wide range of both Biblical and modern Hebrew. Also included is a listing of Hebrew abbreviations and word groups. Learn More

  3. New Dictionary Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew
    New Dictionary Hebrew-English, English-Hebrew

    This pocket sized soft covered Hebrew/English dictionary is a pleasure to use. Its clear format and accurate definitions coupled with its handy size make this a student's staple. Learn More

  4. My Hebrew Picture Dictionary (The Alef - Bet Word Book)
  5. Likkutei Sichos Dictionary
  6. English-Yiddish Yiddish-English Dictionary - Small
    Bar Ilan University award winning Rabbi Mendel Harduf presents a pocket sized Yiddish-English / English-Yiddish dictionary. A great tool for the beginner or reference for the Yiddish pro. Learn More

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