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    Of the world's seven billion inhabitants, it seems that over half identify with a faith which is Abrahamic. But why, and what does that really mean? Is there really any common ground between Christian and Muslim, Brahman and Jew? In this uniquely edutaining treatise by an ecosystems analyst gone Chassidic, Dr. Arnie Gotfryd explores legend and laboratory, philosophy and fact in an enlightening exploration of the interplay of modern science and traditional faith. Central to his theme is the notion that one elegant yet little-known concept, apparently developed by a child some 3,800 years ago, has engendered both those great solitudes: religion and science, and even today holds the key to their ultimate conciliation. Learn More
  2. The proper Brocha on most food items is well known. Today\, however, with the influx of modern day snacks, exotic foods and unique combinations of varied ingredients it is imperative to have access to a reliable reference guide providing a clear and concise psak as to the correct Brocha. In this carefully researched Brochos Guide you will find the appropriate Brocha for over 500 food items according to the piskei dinim of the Alter Rebbe.

    Additionally, a beautiful explanation as to the hidden meaning of a Brocha and the fundamental background needed for the proper recitation of a Brocha has been included.

    This is a hand bood that will be appreciated by one who is well versed in HIlchos Brochos as well as the studen who is first becoming acquainted with the world of brochos.

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