Chasunah Secrets

The Mysteries Revealed

Do you know why a kallah carries flowers? Or what kind of candle should be used when walking a chassan or kallah down the aisle? Or the importance of the type of veil worn by the kallah?

A Jewish wedding and its secular counterpart are as different as day and night. The purpose of a Jewish marriage is for the chassan and kallah to construct a bayis ne'eman, to create a home that welcomes the Shechinah in its midst, to help build Klal Yisrael. To that end, the chasunah, which is the commencement of this marriage, is an extremely holy day, filled with tremendous meaning, and replete with many customs that carry great significance.

If a chassan and kallah prepare for their wedding properly, understanding the kedushah of the day and its vast potential, they will be empowered to build a magnificent edifice together, with vast gains both in the physical and spiritual realms. This book, which provides a glimpse into the traditions done at a Jewish wedding and the deep meanings behind them, is a wonderful tool to help chassanimkallahs, and their families appreciate the value of each detail of the big event.

Rabbi Dovid Meisels, author of the popular Secrets series, has done extensive research into the what's, how's, and why's of the many customs performed at a Jewish wedding, the results of which is this book. As with all of Rabbi Meisels's books, the material has been culled from midrashimChazal, and the sefarim hakedoshim. Enter your marriage with the right mindset. Understand why we do what we do at a wedding, and begin building your own beautiful bayis ne'eman b'Yisrael

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