Words Of The Living G-D #2, The Book Of Exodus.

Religion/Judaism/Kabbalah & Mysticism "Prepare to meet your G-d. because you'll find Him in this book." Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812), founder of the intellectual branch of Chassidism-Chabadis credited with bringing the deepest secrets of Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah "down to earth," so they could be read and understo by even the average person. He broke the paradigm: it was no longer, first yourself spiritually, then you will be fit to study this"; now it was, "study this it will help you to perfect yourself spiritually." The worldwide spread of Chabad appealing to people of all backgrounds, and in every conceivable culture in the centuries since bears elegant testimony to the power of these ideas to tap the very Jewish soul. And yet, written in scholarly Hebrew, these keys to the essential core of Judaism were locked away, untranslated, for almost 200 years. In this series, Rabbi Yitzchok Wagshul, a master teacher, does not merely translate the original material, he clearly explains it in friendly, articulate English for scholar and lay person alike. No background in Jewish knowledge is required; just a willingness to think. If Rabbi Schneur Zalman were teaching today, this book is what he might well say. You will finally understand: • Why is there a Written Torah and an Oral Torah? • From Pentateuch to Prophets to today: Revelation of Torah over time • How to serve G-d by eating • How physical objects can be used for spiritual mitzvos • How to avoid self-delusion and cultivate authentic love and fear of G-d • Symbolism of the cherubs atop the Holy Ark • How brain anatomy reflects spiritual concepts • The love of G-d common to all Jews • What is the "neshamah yeseirah"

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