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  1. Have you ever wondered... why?

    • Why do we need science if everything is contained in the Torah?
    • Why are there so many scientists who are atheists and non-believers?
    • Why did G-d create such a huge universe?
    • Why don’t the medicinal remedies mentioned in the Talmud work nowadays?

    If you have, then ABCs of Torah and Science is for you! Here are just a few of the many benefits you will gain by reading this one-of-a-kind book:

    • Fulfill the mitzvos of ahavas and yiras Hashem by reflecting upon the profound wisdom contained in the universe.
    • Strengthen your emunah.
    • Enrich the meaningfulness of your tefillos and berachos.
    • Understand science — from a Torah-first approach rather than a science-first perspective. Learn More
  2. Beyond The River, Based On A True Story

    “There is a secret panel beneath the carpet in my bedroom. Under a hidden floorboard, there is money and a cache of diamonds, for emergencies like this. If you see that I am delayed returning, you will take Mamme and the rest of the family, along with the hidden valuables, and cross the river to find me.”

    Amidst falling bombs and enemy approach, Tatte leaves Reginna with a mission to bring Mamme and the family across the San River to the relative safety of the Soviet side. She promises Tatte she will do it. She is sixteen years old.

    Following Tatte’s instructions, she bundles her family away from the German invasion and crosses the river that now designates the border between Germany and Soviet Russia. She leaves her hometown of Yaroslav far behind. Withstanding loss and years of enforced imprisonment in Siberia, she is relentless in her quest of finding her beloved Tatte, of protecting her ill Mamme, and of keeping her family together. Never losing faith, she holds tight to her belief that the Aibeshter is with her. And that she and her family will survive.

    Based on the true story of Rivkah bas Moshe Yosef Learn More

  3. Torah Quizzes
    To captivate young minds and stimulate meaningful conversations

    Energize your Shabbos table conversations with a wide variety of exciting quiz questions -- 50 quizzes in all -- from easy to hard! Everyone will enjoy the challenge! Answer keys included in back. Learn More

  4. Making It All Work, Women Surviving & Thriving At Work
    The workplace, with its many opportunities, is a constant, ever-changing challenge. You want to excel in your chosen profession, and be the best mother and wife you can be, and still remain strong in your commitment to Torah. How can you make it all work?In Making It All Work, you’ll discover how to deal with all these issues and others, such as: business meetings in non-kosher restaurants; shaking hands with the opposite gender; social gatherings and holiday parties; staying connected to Hashem during the workday; and much, much more."Approbations:"“The Wassermans have gifted us with a comprehensive book, covering virtually every possible challenge in the work place. Their twenty-five years of research are clearly reflected in this erudite, balanced, sensitive, and yet very accessible presenta- tion of the material.”Rebbetzin Feige Twerski“Excellent…amazing! It will be the ‘bible’ for so many working women.” Rebbetzin Shira Smiles “Making It All Work is a wonderful, useful, and halachically and hashkafically sound book on this very elusive subject.”Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller“A tremendous yasher koach to my friends the Wassermans on producing what is sure to be a valuable Torah guide book for frum working women. It incorporates human perspectives with halachic and hashkafic realities to address all aspects challenging women in the workplace. It approaches many sensitive issues with respect and clarity, and validates the needs and struggles of today’s Jewish working woman.”Rebbetzin Aviva Feiner“Making It All Work is perhaps the most important book for a woman to place on her desk at work, alongside her Tehillim. This volume is a gift to the courageous woman of today, who works so hard both in and out of the home.”Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi Learn More
  5. Talmudo Beyado, Gemara Dictionary H/C
  6. Geshmak! Small Things that make Frum Life Sweet S/C
  7. The Hot Dog's Revenge!
  8. Regular Price: $22.95

    Special Price $21.95

  9. Pathways To Personal Growth H/C
  10. Darwin's Temple of Deceit: "The Art of Crackpot Science"

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