1. With All I Am - For Married Women Only!

    Contains sensitive material, for married women only!

    With All I Am
     is a true and heartfelt account of one woman's relationship with Hashem as she struggles with mental illness and a high-risk twin pregnancy. We join her on her journey from early childhood to adulthood, as she searches for Hashem in the darkness and connects with Him in moments of happiness and peace.

    This book expresses the warmth, breadth, and depth of the relationship each of us shares with our Creator. Hashem knows us better than any person ever can and He is intimately involved in every detail of our lives. He knows our talents and struggles, our dreams and disappointments, our ups and downs and everything in between. He knows everything that makes us who we are.

    With All I Am emphasizes Hashem's unconditional love for each of us and His acceptance of us at every stage of our growth. May this encourage every one of us to use every facet of ourselves and our life experiences - even our most personal, painful challenges - as tools to enhance and deepen our personal avodas Hashem Learn More
  2. Darwin's Temple of Deceit: "The Art of Crackpot Science"
  3. CPR! Resuscitation for Your Soul

    Does your Shabbos glow with sparkling light? 
    Does it sizzle with positive energy? Do you look forward to Shabbos? 
    Revel in it? 
    How about your weekdays? Do you ever feel stressed out? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Do you want to change that?

    CPR will guide and show you:

    • How Shabbos can recharge you and help you overcome your personal challenges - all week long!
    • How you can replace stress and anxiety with a stronger connection to Hashem
    • How the restrictions of Shabbos actually liberate us!

    In the bestselling book GPS: Navigation for your Soul, thousands of readers discovered – and loved – a fascinating new way of putting timeless Torah teachings into an ultra-contemporary format. Now, CPR: Resuscitation for your Soul, takes that same format to help us truly understand Hashem's incredible weekly gift to us: Shabbos.

    CPR is largely based on Nesivos Shalom, the classic contemporary work by the Slonimer Rebbe, Rav Shalom Noach Berezovsky zt"l, a work beloved by all branches of Torah Jewry and widely accepted as a masterpiece of Torah thought. CPR takes the fascinating concepts of Nesivos Shalom and “translates” them into contemporary language and terms.

    Let CPR unlock the secrets of truly appreciating the gifts of Shabbos– and see how those gifts can transform your life to one of greater serenity, peace of mind, and inner happiness throughout the week!

    With its contemporary examples, true stories, photos, summaries, jokes, questions and answers, and, of course, the words of Nesivos Shalom and other Torah classics, CPR is a Shabbos treat that the whole family can enjoy, together or individually. So sit back and enjoy Shabbos as never before, while you learn how to carry over Shabbos’s amazing powers into the entire week - and become totally reJEWvanated!


    “CPR enlightens the reader about the precious gift of Shabbos according to the spirit of the writings of the NESIVOS SHALOM zy”a!” - HaRav Shloime Weinberg 
    “CPR contains meaningful messages to teach the importance of the gift of Shabbos Kodesh!” - HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky 
    “The authors each merited to strengthen Klal Yisrael and I am happy with them for their success!” - HaRav Aaron Schechter 
    “CPR will certainly be of tremendous help to strengthen the mitzvah of Shabbos to our youth!” - HaRav Yeruchim Olshin 
    “CPR shares the authors understanding and feelings about the importance of Shabbos!” - HaRav Nota Schiller 
    “CPR can truly change your life , whether you are a newcomer to Judaism or a Shomer Shabbos all your life!” - HaRav Yitzchak A. Breitowitz 
    “CPR will be of tremendous help to all rabbeim and moros, manhigim and mechanchos, especially those working in the trenches!” - HaRav Yaakov Bender 
    “CPR unwraps the gift of Shabbos for our generation by revealing its power and relevance!” - HaRav Moshe Weinberger 
    “CPR furnishes the reader with the insight and capacity to sense the authentic taste of Shabbos and be able to relate to the significance and gishmak of Shabbos Koidesh.” - HaRav Shulem Noach Landau 
    "CPR! is a powerful sefer that will certainly upgrade and enhance our Kedushas HaShabbos, and help ensure that it will be "L'dorrossom" for our future generations!" - HaRav Binyomin Eisenberger Learn More

  4. The Menuchah Principle -- For Life
    here is a precious gift from Shamayim that has the power to help you overcome all of life’s challenges. It is called ...

    Menuchas Hanefesh.

    Whether you are simply struggling with the challenges of daily life or dealing with a major crisis, the power of menuchas hanefesh will enable you to not just "manage" but to overcome all the obstacles in your path.

    The Menuchah Principle draws upon centuries of Chazal’s wisdom to teach you how to acquire the transforming and life-enhancing gift of menuchas hanefesh  --  a gift with the power to bring your life harmoniously together while deepening your commitment to Hashem. When you learn to integrate menuchas hanefesh into your way of thinking, you’ll lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. Menuchas hanefesh provides solutions to many of life’s problems and is the key to living a life of joy.

    This book is the third in a series dedicated to the goal of enlightening our community about the precious gift of menuchas hanefesh.

    What people are saying...

    "[In this book] you will discover the power of emotional freedom ..."

    -- Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlit"a

    "The sefer in your hand is a 'people manual,' a guide for serious people to understand themselves."

    -- Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, shlit"a

    "This book is a gift from Hashem ... a virtual gold-mine!"

    -- Mrs. S.Y.L., Beit Shemesh

    About the author:

    Shaya Ostrov, L.C.S.W., is the author of The Menuchah Principle in Marriage, The Menuchah Principle in Dating, Shidduchim and Engagement and Seven Gates to Marriage, as well as numerous articles in professional and Jewish publications. A noted marital and relationship therapist, Mr. Ostrov lectures and consults on all aspects of relationship development and enhancement. His extensive experience with married, dating and engaged couples has enabled him to explore and develop the precious gift of menuchas hanefesh as the ultimate source for personal and marital fulfillment. Learn More

  5. Upwards, The story of my struggle with Parkinsonism
    Shami Reinman is a vibrant young teacher, barely fifty years old, full of energy and vitality, deeply involved with her students in the classroom and in her home. The queen of her family, she dances and plays with her grandchildren. She travels. She spends time with friends.

    Then she is struck by a dreadful disease, and her entire world turns over. She can no longer teach. Her movement and speech grow progressively worse over the agonizing years. What does the future hold for her but more inevitable decline? Determined not to sink into despondency and despair, she resolves to mold a new life for herself.

    Upwards is the story of her spiritual triumph over her affliction. She finds comfort in her family and the joyous celebrations of family milestones. She spends more time with her Siddur and her Tehillim. She plays word games. She organizes photographs and makes heirloom collages, some of which appear on these pages. As she becomes more limited, the circle of her friends widens, and their visits are occasions of joy and laughter. But most of all, she spends innumerable hours working on this book, often having to dictate her thoughts and memories to others.

    This is the story of a woman who, with pure emunah and bitachon, accepts her fate even as she struggles against it. She rebuilds her life by seeking out the islands of joy in the sea of her suffering and living on those islands to the fullest. And she feels blessed. Learn More

  6. Closure - A Visual Poetic Journey
    Closure - A Visual Poetic Journey Learn More
  7. Galia - Messages from Heaven
    Galia is a severely brain-damaged Israeli girl. Her mother, Shulamit Gad, a non-observant, divorced woman with the arduous challenge of caring for Galia on her own, learns about Facilitated Communication, a computer-based technique of reaching out to the mentally disabled. When Galia is introduced to the method, she immediately responds, revealing to her mother earth-shattering, mind-boggling secrets that the facilitator (the expert working as a go-between) could not have known or made up. As a result, Shulamit Gad returns to her roots, and resolves to publicize the deep, enlightening, and astounding Torah truths that Galia consistently imparts during their F.C. sessions. The story of Galia's faith even as she suffers, will touch your heart, but her every revelation, disclosed here, will touch your soul. Learn More
  8. Power Bentching

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