With All I Am - For Married Women Only!

Contains sensitive material, for married women only!

With All I Am
 is a true and heartfelt account of one woman's relationship with Hashem as she struggles with mental illness and a high-risk twin pregnancy. We join her on her journey from early childhood to adulthood, as she searches for Hashem in the darkness and connects with Him in moments of happiness and peace.

This book expresses the warmth, breadth, and depth of the relationship each of us shares with our Creator. Hashem knows us better than any person ever can and He is intimately involved in every detail of our lives. He knows our talents and struggles, our dreams and disappointments, our ups and downs and everything in between. He knows everything that makes us who we are.

With All I Am emphasizes Hashem's unconditional love for each of us and His acceptance of us at every stage of our growth. May this encourage every one of us to use every facet of ourselves and our life experiences - even our most personal, painful challenges - as tools to enhance and deepen our personal avodas Hashem

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