Pocket books

  1. Likkutei Sichos Dictionary
  2. Tehillim / Psalms - 1 Volume - Pocket Size - Hardcover
  3. NCSY Bencher Pocket Size
    NCSY Bencher Pocket Size

    The NCSY Bencher is immensely popular for use in homes, synagogues, schools, youth groups and camps, as well as for weddings, bar and bas mitzvahs, and other simchos. With clear Hebrew and English type, a new translation, and complete, easy-to-read transliteration of the benching, kiddush, blessings, zemiros, and songs for all occasions, it is available with white, silver or full-color covers. May be imprinted. Newly revised with added zemiros and popular songs. Learn More

  4. Haggadah for Pesach, Annotated Heb/Eng Chabad Edition - Compact edition - 6.5"x4.5"
  5. Going Kosher in 30 Days!
  6. Advice for Life - Education
  7. When Children Fight
    In this book Miriam Levi, noted educator, author and lecturer, shares many invaluable ideas and practical tools that will enable parents to modify their childrens behavior. Learn More
  8. Buy Green Bananas
  9. Halachic Handbook: The Laws Of Purim
    Halachic Handbook: The Laws Of Purim

    A concise and clear summary of all the laws of Purim, in a wonderfully convenient pocket size (4"x6")

    The halachos are written in a readable, easy-to-follow style, while extensive source notes make this a valuable resource for further, in-depth study.

    Includes Birchas HaMazon - A unique gift to give out in your Mishloach Manos, at wedding, bar and bas mitzvahs, and all events during the Purim season.

    Includes halachos of: • Parashas Zachor • Taanis Esther • Reading the Megillah • Mishloach Manos • Matanos L'evyonim • and many, many more. Learn More

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