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  1. Family Illustrated Tehillim - Maroon
  2. Family Illustrated Tehillim - Beige
  3. The Gutnick Tehillim
  4. Da'ath Soferim - Tehillim
  5. Soft cover Leather Pocket Heb/Eng Tehillim (Ohel Yosef Yitzchok)
    Soft Leather Pocket Heb/Eng Tehillim (Ohel Yosef Yitzchok) Learn More
  6. Leather Pocket Tehillim - Hard Cover.

    Leather Pocket תהלים Tehillim - Hard Cover. Cover designs vary. Colors shown are for illustration only and may not be exact

    Learn More
  7. The Touch of Tehillim, Stories and insights on the Psalms of David Hamelech (standard size)
    Tehillim touches us all - our lives, our hearts, our neshamos. We turn to Tehillim in times of joy and times of trouble; for comfort and guidance; to beg Hashem for help and thank Him for His blessings. King David's words have the uncanny power of touching all people, at all times, in all situations.

    This magnificent Coffee-table book will change the way you understand and say Tehillim.

    In The Touch of Tehillim Rabbi Yechiel Spero brings a new dimension to Tehillim's eternal words. He introduces every chapter with insights culled from dozens of commentaries, both classic and contemporary, and then, with the flair for storytelling that has made him a bestselling author, he illustrates Tehillim's messages with true-life stories.

    When David HaMelech speaks of living a life built on truth, we are inspired - and when we read a story of a CEO who finds a novel way to test the honesty of his executives, we see how the concept plays itself out in 21st century life. Here are stories of heroism, emunah, and profound optimism - in a tiny school in Yemen, in Hebron Yeshiva after the dreadful massacre, in 21st century hospitals and forgotten Ukranian villages.

    Tehillim is, indeed, the song of the Jewish People - and in this book Rabbi Spero is like a maestro conducting its splendid symphony, helping us hear its beauty and harmony, allowing us to savor and appreciate every word of King David's timeless song.

    Includes the Complete Hebrew Text of Tehillim and a ribbon placemarker. Learn More

  8. The Weiss Edition -Tehillim – Psalms -Cream Color
  9. The Weiss Edition -Tehillim – Psalms -Turquoise Color
  10. Living Tehillim, Finding Yourself In The Songs Of Tehillim (Chapters 1-30)
    Sefer Tehillim (the Book of Psalms) has been a companion to Jews throughout history. In any situation in which we find ourselves, we turn to the words of King David to express our deepest feelings and prayers. The words are meaningful, magical — and Divinely inspired.

    Still, it isn’t always easy to see how these holy words connect to modern life. After teaching Tehillim to hundreds of women in Jerusalem, noted lecturer Mrs. Rivka Segal has finally brought the beauty and relevance of Tehillim to the general public. Written with the help of bestselling author Dr. Lisa Aiken, Living Tehillim brings the words of Tehillim to life and shows us how we can adapt each of the first thirty chapters to our lives today.

    Connect to Tehillim like never before.

    About the Author:

    Rivka Segal has been teaching Torah to women and girls worldwide for over thirty years. She lives in Yerushalayim and is the director of the Shlavim English mentor program. Lisa Aiken, Ph.D., is an internationally known psychologist, Israeli tour guide, and speaker who has given talks to Jewish audiences in more than 250 cities worldwide. She is also the author of eleven Judaica books, including To Be a Jewish Woman, Guide for the Romantically Perplexed, The Art of Jewish Prayer, and The Baal Teshuva Survival Guide. Learn More

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