Chasidishe Chalomos #6 CD

Chasidishe Chalomos #6 CD

ABOUT VOLUME 6: Being the Dor Hashvii, we are standing on the threshold of Geula. For over 40 years the Rebbe infused his Chassidim with chayos and energy, directing us to be strong soldiers, ready to stand at the forefront of the Geulah. Now more than ever, we have the duty and obligation to pass on these Mamorim, Sichos and Horaos the Rebbe left us to our children.

Chassidishe Chalomos Vol. 6 is entitled “Basi Legani”. Being the First Mamar said when becoming the Nasi, the Rebbe empowered his Chassidim by saying, we are the Dor Hashivi. We are the generation that will witness the end of galus and be the first generation to have the Geulah. It is with the Koach of the past 6 generations of our Rebbeim and their chassidim that we now have the power to bring the world to its final destination - the coming of Moshiach.

Chassidishe Chalomos Vol. 6 Cd allows the children to learn the first paragraph of Basi Legani by heart to the tunes of niggunim, accompanied with chassidishe stories and heartfelt songs about the Rebbe- infusing them with true hiskashrus .

As the Rebbe concluded in the Mamar Basi Legani, with the hope of being united with the Freirdiker Rebbe, we too should merit to be reunited with our Rebbe, here in a Guf, and he will redeem us, with our precious children the Rebbe’s soldiers in the lead.

For Girls Of All Ages, & Boys Under Age 9.

25 Tracks

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