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  1. Emotional intelligence (EQ) means knowing how to transform emotional pain into spiritual gain. Children develop their EQ by seeing how you face irritations, frustrations and losses - with faith , courage, humility, patience and compassion. Biofeedback research shows that the use of the 39 victory cards mentioned in this book calm brain waves and reduces anxiety, anger and depression. By talking victory language from the time they are born, your children are less likely to suffer from mental disorders or addictive behaviors. When you demonstrate emotional self-regulation during stressful times, you and your family members will feel like spiritual champs. This is the basis of mental health. Learn More
  2. Making Choices, An Anti-Bullying Adventure
    From rumors and gossip to pushes and shoves, Yael encounters the very real world of girls’ bullying…

    Join Yael as she faces the challenges of middle school, in this innovative, comic-style book. Here, you – the reader – after each chapter, must make a choice for Yael as she responds to changing circumstances. In other words, you can read the book multiple times and come away with different outcomes. As you help Yael navigate her daily challenges, you will also learn valuable emotional and social skills so you can respond to bullying in a mature, informed, empowered way. Also includes insights, tips, and strategies regarding girls and bullying. Learn More

  3. The Mystery of the Lost Watch
    Ten-year-old Yudi Levy and his older brother, Shua, are shocked to discover a precious gold pocket watch at snowy Mount Royal Park, Quebec. Will the watch’s unusual markings — an engraved menorah and unclear Hebrew letters —lead the brothers to its owner? The whole Levy family joins the search, but they keep hitting dead ends.

    Readers of The Mystery of the Lost Watch will enjoy a fascinating journey through Canadian life in the 1950s. Join the Levys as they try to find the watch’s true owner — while racing against the clock. Learn More

  4. Dudi & Udi & The Korean War #1, Comics

    A Comic Book With Mind Bending Puzzles!

    "The boys exposed a Russian spy and now they're in danger."

    "We've got the spy monkey and his operators!"

    "Listen, the boys disgraced the statue of our esteemed leader and

    were arrested. You'd better stop asking about them before you're

    arrested too!"
    Dudi and Udi find themselves caught up in an incredibly strange

    story. Champ is kidnapped by a foreign spy and when they try to

    rescue him, they end up in a distant enemy land. Things only go from

    bad to worse when they are imprisoned in a North Korean prison

    This book is the first in the new Chidudi series, which combines

    the magic of a suspenseful comic with the thrill of a book full of

    challenging riddles. The Chidudi series promises an enjoyable read

    and the satisfaction of mind-bending puzzles, mathematical riddles,

    trivia questions, and visual perception challenges.
    Chidudi is a brain sharpening innovation you won't want to put

    Learn More
  5. My First Shabbos Board Book

    A Shabbos guide for your little ones!

    It's a challenge for little kids to know what they're allowed and not allowed to do on Shabbos. With gentle rhyme and charming illustrations, this adorable book introduces them to the basic do's and don'ts of Shabbos, and helps plant the seeds of love for Shabbos in their tender hearts. Learn More

  6. Lite Boy #5 -Dovy and the Thank You Trip Book/C.D.

    Dovy learns about the importance of gratitude! 

    Dovy doesn’t realize how important it is to say thank you, so his mother decides to take him on a Thank You Trip! Join Dovy on his special day as he discovers the importance of hakaras hatov!

    The Lite Boy Series -- learn ... inspire ... teach ... encourage Learn More

  7. Titanic #4, The Eye Of The Storm

    TITANIC 4 is the fourth volume in the series that weaves together the story of the Titanic, the legendary “unsinkable” ship, with the tale of Moshe, a poor village boy who moves to the big city and gets swept up by his dizzying financial success.

    In this volume, World War II bursts upon the scene. Rav Moshe Wallis becomes a leader who must guide his yeshivah as he musters all the inner strength he can in order to save his fellow Jews during the terrifying war years.

    How does a selfless act he performed years before become the catalyst for saving many Jewish lives?

    Here is a gripping tale, saturated with Torah values: Divine providence, emunas chachamim, and the clear knowledge that HaKadosh Baruch Hu has never and will never abandon His beloved children. Learn More

  8. Ezzy's Esrog
    Children will delight as they follow Ezzy on his quest to acquire his very own esrog, and along the way they’ll learn a surprising lesson about the mitzvah of chesed.

    Enchanting rhyme and charming illustrations will have your children coming back to this engaging story – time and again! Learn More

  9. My First Baal Shem Tov Book
    Ages 2-5

    Young children face their fears daily… fear of the dark, fear of going too high on the swing, fear of loud noises or of going to sleep in their own room. What better way to calm and reassure the children in your life than with a true story of one of our greatest leaders and teachers?

    My First Baal Shem Tov Book contains a sweet refrain and gorgeous illustrations that tell the story of young Yisrolik, a small boy just around their age. Yisrolik’s father imparted a message to his only son that he spread far and wide… a message that informed his entire life and that inspires others to this very day:

    “I won’t be scared. Oh, no, I won’t! Hashem is always near. I know Hashem is with me, and there’s nothing else to fear.”

    The gentle comfort and encouragement in this lovely picture book will help bolster the confidence of children who need that helping hand to try new things and to conquer their fears. Laminated pages protect a book that boys and girls will want to hear and to look at over and over again.


    Learn More
  10. Larger Than Life, With Stories From Our Hereos, Comics

    Three children act in exemplary ways only to discover that our Torah giants of previous generations acted exactly the same way!

    A Promise Is a Promise Michael keeps his promise to a friend— even when he loses out because of it. Who is the youth who did that during World War I?

    The Suspects Yochanan and Itamar are each suspected of a misdeed. They say they’re innocent, but no one believes them.

    Mr. Cohen, owner of the popular Cohen’s Delicatessen, tells them about a similar incident that took place over one hundred and fifty years ago.

    The Bad and the Good Moishy can’t think of anything but the big prize his zeidy promised him for doing well on a Mishnayos test—an expensive radio-control car with all the latest features.

    How does that connect to a ship that sunk in the days of the Tosfos Yom Tov?

    Read all about it in this fascinating book! Learn More

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