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  1. Yanky Yankovich and Baruch Blessing are SUPER excited: as part of the school's program to learn about Shemoneh Esrei, they've arranged a tour of the palace of His Royal Majesty, King Roderick Herculè Falmouth Ericsson. On their trip, they meet Prince Bernard II, Alfredo the maitre-di, Larry, the prince's majordomo, and many others. But a dropped notebook turns this dream trip into a nightmare, as the boys are arrested as spies! Can their friends from school help them? Will they succeed in proving their innocence? Will Rabbi Benedict find a way to intercede? Be careful! When you're in the king's palace, anything could happen! Learn More
  2. TITANIC 3 is the third volume in the series that weaves together the story of the Titanic, the legendary “unsinkable” ship, with the tale of Moshe, a poor village boy who moves to the big city and gets swept up by his dizzying financial success.

    In this volume you’ll read about the Russian Secret Police’s search for a valuable test tube that appears to have been lost at sea along with the Titanic, and about the lawsuit that one Mr. Ellis Rhodes serves against Rav Moshe Wallas’s yeshivah. Does the secret test tube in Moshe’s possession hold the key to keeping everything afloat?

    FIND OUT IN TITANIC 3! Learn More

  3. I Have a Jewish Name is a colorful, joyful celebration of every child's beautiful Jewish name!   Within the artwork and the inside covers, over 170 different names are featured, and there's bookplate with space for a child to write his or her own

    Some names are long; some are short.  Some are in Hebrew; others in Yiddish.  Some children are named for Jewish heroes and heroines of long ago, while others are named for beloved grandparents, great Jewish leaders and scholars, or important positive traits.

    "Is your name in the Torah,

    A famous name of old?

    Does your name have a story

    That you like to be told?"

    This sweet picture book explains how every Jewish name is inspired by the parents' ruach hakodesh, is given at an aliyah to the Torah or at a bris, and is connected to the deepest part of a person... the neshama. With eye-catching illustrations and lovely rhymes, I Have a Jewish Name will encourage young children to learn more about the meaning and importance of their Jewish names.

    Laminated pages

    Ages 2-5 Learn More

  4. Chedvah felt so hurt!

    She looked at her doll. It didn’t look as pretty as it had before. All of a sudden, Chedvah didn’t feel like playing anymore.

    This beautifully illustrated story brings children’s feelings to life.

    What is a shield? Where is it?

    The imaginary shield in the book gives children a sense of control that helps them cope with hurt feelings.

    My Toolbox

    It’s not like the toolbox in your house that holds a hammer and nails and a screwdriver. It’s a toolbox for your mind, body, and emotions.

    It includes your thoughts, feelings, and fantasies.

    You can take the tool in each of the books in the series and teach yourself how to use it to feel much better!

    Chaim Walder Educational advisor, founder, and director of the Child and Family Center of Bnei Brak, Walder is the author of the popular “Kids Speak” series, and winner of the Prime Minister’s Magen HaYeled (Defender of Children) award for his writing and extensive work in education and child development.

    Ahuva Raanan With a master’s degree in special education, Raanan is an educational counselor and consultant (counseling parents how to deal with emotional problems and behavioral problems in early childhood), as well as a play therapist and CBT therapist who runs a network of special education kindergartens.

    The authors’ first joint projects — Stories Straight from Avi’s Heart and Stories Straight from Mommy’s Heart — quickly became essential books for every home. In this series, Walder and Raanan give children valuable tools to help them deal with their emotions. Learn More

  5. Children will identify with the heartwarming story taken from their own little world. The simple language and artistic pictures blend together to transmit a message about the importance of Ahavas Yisroel that brings the geula closer. The story will encourage children to achieve as many "small triumphs" as possible.

    Laminated pages Learn More

  6. A Unique Way to Instill a Love of Torah into our Children!

    This unique narrative retelling of the Chumash is designed to engage readers ages 8 and up, and to connect them in a deep and meaningful way to the Torah. Written by an educator with decades of experience, it will instill in the heart of young people a love for Torah and a commitment to Jewish tradition and values.

    Based on the Chumash text, classic commentators, and the Midrash, The Weekly Parashah features age-appropriate text and graphics, gorgeous illustrations, and dozens of short sidebars that enhance the reading experience. A special section in the back lists the hundreds of sources, making it a fantastic resource for parents and educators.

    In addition to a full narrative of the parashah, The Weekly Parashah includes:

    -Parashah Pointers: A quick review of what's in the parashah
    -Fascinating Facts: All kinds of really interesting facts
    Questions Anyone? : -Thought-provoking questions and satisfying answers
    -Torah in our Lives: Connecting the Torah's teachings to our children's lives
    -Who's Who in the Parashah: A fascinating look at some of the people in the Torah

    Learn More
  7. Mezibuz #2 - Comics
    A boat docks at a mysterious remote island....

    How do you sail across the ocean on a handkerchief?

    A top commander insists that his soldiers' training take the most roundabout route...

    And why would the Baal Shem Tov ask a poor person for his very last piece of bread?

    Get all the answers in the new thrilling graphic comics - Mezibuz 2. Learn More

  8. Rubashkin - Against all odds!
    Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin operated a giant kosher meat processing plant.

    He was a victim of a libel, and the court gave him an unprecedented verdict. Jews throughout the world davened for him and the best lawyers tried to reduce his sentence. It seemed their efforts weren’t helping, but Reb Sholom Mordechai never gave up, his emunah and bitachon in Hashem onlygrew stronger.

    And then, when it seemed that there was no hope left, Reb Sholom Mordechai suddenly received the news that he was freed!

    The emotional, dramatic story, saturated with emunah, was adapted for the very first time in this comic book. Learn More

  9. The Magic Mirror
    This series is just right for little children. It presents ideas from their small world in a light, simple manner.

    The charming stories are accompanied by sweet illustrations that are sure to appeal to lively little children. Learn More

  10. Special Bricks
    This series is just right for little children. It presents ideas from their small world in a light, simple manner.

    The charming stories are accompanied by sweet illustrations that are sure to appeal to lively little children. Learn More

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