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  1. A Unique Way to Instill a Love of Torah into our Children!

    This unique narrative retelling of the Chumash is designed to engage readers ages 8 and up, and to connect them in a deep and meaningful way to the Torah. Written by an educator with decades of experience, it will instill in the heart of young people a love for Torah and a commitment to Jewish tradition and values.

    Based on the Chumash text, classic commentators, and the Midrash, The Weekly Parashah features age-appropriate text and graphics, gorgeous illustrations, and dozens of short sidebars that enhance the reading experience. A special section in the back lists the hundreds of sources, making it a fantastic resource for parents and educators.

    In addition to a full narrative of the parashah, The Weekly Parashah includes:

    -Parashah Pointers: A quick review of what's in the parashah
    -Fascinating Facts: All kinds of really interesting facts Questions Anyone? :
    -Thought-provoking questions and satisfying answers
    -Torah in our Lives: Connecting the Torah's teachings to our children's lives
    -Who's Who in the Parashah: A fascinating look at some of the people in the Torah Learn More

  2. Lite Boy book to celebrate the happiness of Torah! 

    Dovy's Uncle Benny has bought a special gift for his shul -- a brand new Sefer Torah! Join Dovy as he experiences the amazing celebration of a Hachnasas Sefer Torah and learns how important the Torah is to us!

    The Lite Boy Series -- learn ... inspire ... teach ... encourage Learn More

  3. Meet the Kid Sisters. They're great friends — most of the time.

    Sarah Chinn, Naomi Kaufman, Rivky Segal, and Melissa Farber are inseparable. At least they were until Rivky got moved into the other fourth grade class in the Bais Yaakov of Bloomfield. Will the Treehouse Kids be able to stay friends? Rivky misses her friends. Sarah is too involved with her birthday to come to the treehouse. Can Melissa’s secret plan patch things up? Join Sarah, Rivky, Naomi, and Melissa as they learn about Growing Up.

    Rivky’s got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that she’s finally getting used to her new fourth grade class. The bad news is that her old friends aren’t — and they’re mad at her! Melissa has trouble of her own when her brother gets engaged. Read all about it in Changing Places.

    Naomi and Rivky were once best friends. But not anymore. It’ll take something really special to get them talking to each other again. But special things always happen to the Treehouse Kids. Join the girls for their best adventure yet in Missing! Learn More

  4. Sarah Chinn, Naomi Kaufman, Rivky Segal, Melissa Farber and Debby Kaplan have a lot in common. They’re all fourth graders in Bais Yaakov of Bloomfield. And they’ve all got terrific stories to tell!

    The fourth grade class is playing a special game, “Giants and Elves.” Everyone is excited — except for Rivky who is sick and will have to miss all the fun. But as always, the Treehouse Kids manage to find a way to solve their problems — and have a great time too! Find out how in Giant Steps.

    The treehouse is in danger! Can the Kid Sisters find a way to save their tree? Meanwhile, Debby is trying to figure out why the other club members seem to be avoiding her. It takes mistakes and misunderstandings until the five friends learn the right way to solve their problems. Read all about it in The Wrong Way.

    Debby’s parents are taking her to Adventureland for her birthday, but she can only invite two friends. How will she choose? And Sarah is proud of being the best baker in fourth grade — until she discovers there’s another great baker that everyone is talking about. Hear all about it in Ups and Downs. Learn More

  5. How is honey made?

    Follow its amazing journey from bees in a hive to the honey we eat on Rosh Hashanah. Learn More

  6. Just an angry driver?

    Just an innocent walk at the seashore?

    Just a mysterious note from the Professor?

    Tak and Benjy have no idea what awaits them deep undersea. In the dim, blue hallways of Hydropolis, they are forced to come

    up with creative ways to make sure that the evil Dr. Flux doesn't capture the most dangerous weapon of all.

    Join them on a swirling adventure! Learn More

  7. And Other Stories About Maran Harav Moshe Feinstein Zt"l

    Reb Moshe Feinstein was greatness personified. He was a brilliant gaon in Torah and halachah; his hasmadah and love for Torah were mind-boggling; and his middos were golden. How lucky American Jewry was to merit having such a gadol in its midst!

    In The Light From America you will read twenty-five magnificent stories about the righteousness, wisdom, and sensitivity of Reb Moshe. Each one adds another stroke to the beautiful portrait of one of the greatest gedolei Yisrael of recent times. Learn More

  8. Once there was a family. Their name was Baker. They had many children.

    Twelve of them. The Baker’s Dozen.

    The Bakers are going away for Pesach! And Riley Lake Resort Hotel
    will never be the same!
    Ashi plans to make some money by working as a waiter. Mr. and Mrs.
    Baker plan on a restful vacation. And the rest of the Bakers? They won’t
    say what they’re planning—but you can bet it’s going to be something
    in the true Baker style: wacky, unforgettable, and just plain fun.
    Laughter and lessons are on the menu this Pesach in Hey Waiter!—
    the eighth book in everyone’s favorite series, now back in print. Learn More

  9. Parsha stories, one for every night of the week - for each parsha in Sefer Bereishis. You and your children will find them stimulating and entertaining, and a springboard for meaningful and personal discussions.

    Yaffa Leba Gottlieb has once again displayed her talents with these captivating Torah stories and stunning pictures. Learn More

  10. A rich man – is forced to abandon his palace…

    An earthquake – at the right moment…

    A dramatic chase – between thunderous waterfalls…

    A dilapidated hut – hiding a big secret…

    Find out the rest in the colorful pages of this comic book, vividly brings to life the brilliant tales of the holy Baal Shem Tov. Learn More

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