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  1. My Mommy Loves Me

    No matter what I do,

    No matter where I go,

    There is one happy thought

    I always feel and know.

    It makes me smile wide;

    It fills my heart with glee.

    I feel really special...

    'Cause my mommy loves me!

    With this engaging book, you can impart to your child the confidence that you love him, no matter what. When a child absorbs the idea that his mother's every caring deed, warm thought, and even gesture of discipline, is rooted in her love for him, he is filled with a sense of security and self-assurance that accompanies him throughout his life. You can reinforce these vital feelings again and again, by cuddling with your child and reading My Mommy Loves Me together. Learn More

  2. My Little World, A Child's First Book
    Shuli and Sruli are sister and brother.

    They play together and love each other.

    Join the fun with Shuli, Sruli, and baby sister Malki as they explore the world, they see around them. Learn about animals, colors, feelings, clothes, seasons, shapes, and much, much more! Here is an experiential and educational book recommended by experts and perfect for developing young minds.

    My Little World was written in conjunction with child development professionals and presents a broad spectrum of topics and basic concepts that will:

    • Develop language skills

    • Increase attention span

    • Enhance social skills

    • Teach a range of new ideas

    • Enrich the child’s emotional world

    Reading this book with your child is sure to be a wonderful learning experience.

    About the Author:

    Devorah Benedict is an author, illustrator, and art therapist. She gives workshops throughout Israel and has illustrated hundreds of children’s books. She specializes in using the medium of art to impart messages to young children, and is the author of numerous bestselling children’s books, which have been translated into six languages. Her books include The Munchkies, a book about healthy eating habits, and the I Want a Friend series, which gives kids essential social skills. Learn More

  3. When Zevulun Sat On Moishe's Hat
    One day in the middle of this and that

    Zevulun sat on top of a hat.

    Not just on Tatty’s old black hat…

    He sat on Moishy’s bar mitzvah hat.

    Zevulun is in trouble. His brother Moishy trusted him with his precious bar mitzvah hat. Now it’s smashed — what should he do?

    Your children will learn the lessons of responsibility and truthfulness as they laugh at Zevulun’s attempts to undo the results of his mischief. With its catchy tempo, easy rhymes, zany plot, and delightful illustrations, here is a book to enjoy again and again. Learn More

  4. Kids Cooking With Chef Shiri, Easy Recipes, Fun Facts, Torah Tidbits & More!
    Come and join Chef Shiri and Buzz the Brachos Bee as they cook up foods that are so much fun to make - and so delicious to eat!

    Fantastic kid-friendly recipes.

    Every recipe includes a list of utensils and ingredients needed. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions Three cooking levels: Easy Shmeezy, Rising Star, Junior Chef And that's not all.

    Here are some more amazing features in Kids Cooking with Chef Shiri:

    Wonders of Creation: Let's read about the awesome world Hashem created for us.
    Buzz the Brachos Bee: Buzz tells you about berachos.
    A Dash of Humor: You're going to love these jokes!
    Chef Shiri Says: Tips to make you an even better cook
    Torah Tidbits: Short, interesting Torah thoughts
    Kitchen FAQs: Find out about the laws of keeping kosher.
    Fun Food Facts: Strange but true! Learn More

  5. Chazal Comics
    Stories of Chazal, culled from Gemora and Medrosh, with lessons in Avodas Hashem, as taught by the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

    An ocean blocking Reb Pinchas Ben Yair. Thieves steal a box of diamonds worth a fortune. Rabi Chanina Ben Dosa and the massive stone. Learn More

  6. Hatoldot The Rebbe - Comics
    The biography of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, takes us on a fascinating journey through the important events in the Rebbe's life. In this book, you will read about his life from birth until he accepted the nesius.

    The content of this book has been adapted for children. It is written in a light manner with emphasis on educational lessons. The book offers a fascinating and enjoyable read! Learn More

  7. Around the World of Shlichus - Comics
    Exciting stories and experiences that happened to the Rebbe's shluchim around the world. The stories provide a glimpse into the world of shlichus and emphasize the supernatural hashgacha pratis that the shluchim merit at all times.

    Russia - Eretz Yisroel - Austria - Argentina Learn More

  8. Yossi & Laibel Make a Friend
    Yossi and Laibel Make a Friend (adapted from On the Ball)

    So many parents can’t wait to introduce their little ones to Yossi and Laibel. And, now, they don’t have to wait at all!

    Perfect for babies 6 months and up, Yossi and Laibel Make a Friend is a sturdy board book adapted from the beloved full length story, On the Ball. Shorter, simpler rhymes and the same remarkable illustrations tell a story of friendship and inclusion that very young children will want to look at and listen to again and again! A perfect Chanukah gift for the littlest children in your life.

    Make sure to look for all the other titles in the board book series: Yossi and Laibel Learn to Share, (adapted from Labels for Laibel) Yossi and Laibel Learn to Help (adapted from Hot on the Trail) Yossi and Laibel’s Shabbos Surprise (adapted from Peanut Butter and Jelly for Shabbos)

    Ages 0-3 Learn More

  9. Here Comes the Mitzvah Team!
    Here Comes the Mitzvah Team! - A Story about Zrizus

    Rollicking rhymes and action-packed illustrations show what zrizus really looks like! With a combination of speed and boundless enthusiasm for the mitzvos all around them, a family “mitzvah team” rushes to the rescue on their little riding toys.

    “Lights flash, sirens scream Zooming past, Fast, fast, fast, Here comes the Mitzvah Team!”

    Ages 3-6 Learn More

  10. Bold and Brave
    Bold and Brave is filled with plot twists and adventure that will keep young readers turning pages.  Once again, Hachai Publishing makes Jewish history Fun-to-Read!


    Imagine a time when doing mitzvos, staying true to Torah values, and even dressing like a Jew presents an enormous challenge. This is the backdrop to an exciting tale of mesiras nefesh during the time of the brave Maccabees.

    Bruria and her older brother, Alexander, face great danger as their family refuses to follow any of Antiochus’s decrees. Alexander and his friends must hide and learn Torah in a cave. Bruria watches with dismay as her friend’s family grows more and more interested in the Syrian-Greek culture, fashion, and pastimes.

    Will this clever brother and sister manage to outwit the soldiers who watch their every move? Will they be bold and brave enough to stand up for what they believe?

    An inspiring historical novel for young readers, Bold and Brave makes the challenges of long ago feel current and relevant to our times, encouraging mesiras nefesh right here and now!  

    Historical Fiction based in Israel in the days of the Maccabees

    About the Fun-to-Read Series:

    Once children can read on their own, they need short chapter books that have bright, clear letters, well-placed illustrations, and lot of excitement!  Fun-to-Read Books are packed with historical adventure, humor, and all the positive midos and mitzvos that discriminating parents and teachers have come to expect from Hachai Publishing.

    Ages 7-10 Learn More

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