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  1. I Have A Jewish Name

    I Have a Jewish Name is a colorful, joyful celebration of every child's beautiful Jewish name!   Within the artwork and the inside covers, over 170 different names are featured, and there's bookplate with space for a child to write his or her own

    Some names are long; some are short.  Some are in Hebrew; others in Yiddish.  Some children are named for Jewish heroes and heroines of long ago, while others are named for beloved grandparents, great Jewish leaders and scholars, or important positive traits.

    "Is your name in the Torah,

    A famous name of old?

    Does your name have a story

    That you like to be told?"

    This sweet picture book explains how every Jewish name is inspired by the parents' ruach hakodesh, is given at an aliyah to the Torah or at a bris, and is connected to the deepest part of a person... the neshama. With eye-catching illustrations and lovely rhymes, I Have a Jewish Name will encourage young children to learn more about the meaning and importance of their Jewish names.

    Laminated pages

    Ages 2-5 Learn More

  2. These Are the Candles
    Shabbos in Our Home

    These are the candles that tell us to STOP!
    All the rushing and shopping and cleaning and baking, 
    The cutting and planting and digging and raking...

    As the Shabbos candles usher in the holiest day of the week, the whole family knows exactly what it means: Now it's the time for seudos and family time; good food and laughter; singing zemiros and parshah sheets; and all the other Shabbos pleasures kids are familiar with!
    Explore the wonderful aspects of Shabbos through the eyes of your children, in this warm and fuzzy book that will fast become a family favorite! Learn More
  3. Oops! I’m Sorry

    Has your child ever balked when it came time to apologize to you, to a sibling, or to a friend?  Or, has your child tossed off many thoughtless “I’m sorry’s,” that don’t seem to mean anything?

    Then this colorful, rhyming book is for you!

    When Gavi makes a mistake one day, he only says, “Oops!”  With his older brother and sister showing the way, Gavi learns three important ways to show he’s truly sorry.

    To achieve good relationships with others and with Hashem, it’s vital to know how to face the mistakes of the past and repair them for the future.

    Just in time for the Teshuva season, Oops! I’m Sorry, is a great way to make this process accessible and easy for children to understand.

    A fun read with a great message for all ages!


    Learn More
  4. Mommy, I'm Bored! on Shabbos (#2)
    Keeping Busy with Uncle Izzy

    Hello, dear children!

    Good Shabbos to you.

    Are you looking for things

    On Shabbos to do?

    Uncle Izzy is back,

    With ideas for this day-

    Fun games that on Shabbos

    All children can play.

    Whether weekday or Shabbos,

    Many activities can be done.

    No need for boredom ever,

    So come along...and have fun! Learn More

  5. Secrets of the Aleph Beis
    Did you know that the letters of the aleph-beis contain hidden messages inside them?

    Within each letter's shape is a special hint to help us remember the sound that the letter makes.

    Discover the amazing secrets of the aleph-beis in this charming book for children! Learn More

  6. I Go To Sleep
    Bedtime is one of the most important parts of every child's day, and every parent wants it to be a warm and pleasant experience.

    In I Go to Sleep, a young brother and sister enjoy the comfort of their evening routine: putting things away, brushing teeth, preparing negel vasser, hugs, kisses, and saying Shema. As they settle down for sleep, they think happy thoughts about all the mitzvos they did throughout the day.

    Written in simple rhyming verse, with soothing watercolor illustrations, I Go to Sleep is sure to become a beloved part of bedtime in every home!

    Ages 2-5 Learn More

  7. Kaila Kvetches No More, perfect way for children to learn how to think & speak in a positive, upbeat manner



    This is the story of Kaila,

    Who complained all night and day.

    No matter what was going on,

    She had nothing nice to say!


    Which parents haven't heard their child kvetch and whine, and then complain some more?

    In this adorable book, Kaila can't stop complaining...until she finally realizes, in a most surprising way, how she sounds to others. Kaila Kvetches No More is the perfect way for children to learn how to think and speak in a positive, upbeat mannerand to stop kvetching! Learn More

  8. The Shabbos Kugel Turnaround, An adorable story for children with many important lessons
    The Goldstein family's favorite Shabbos food is potato kugel, and they look forward to it each week. Then, one Thursday night, their potato kugel machine breaks, and there's no way they can have potato kugel that Shabbos...or is there?

    In this adorable story, the all-important lessons of emunah in Hashem, hashgachah pratis, and chessed are brought out in a way children can relate to and appreciate. Join the Goldsteins on this Erev Shabbos as they receive an amazing-and delicious-surprise! Learn More

  9. My Family Is Moving, A charming & upbeat book helping children adjust to a new situation

      Our family is moving to a new place.

     We've packed up our things, we've emptied our space...

    Like any change in life, moving to a new home can be difficult for a kid. What can he expect? Will he make friends on his new block? Will he miss his old neighborhood, friends, and playground?

    In this charming and upbeat book, children undergoing this change will find their fears validated, as well as soothed. Yes, things may be unfamiliar at first in their new home...but before long they'll have learned the ropes and will be doing just great!


    One thing's for sure: Hashem's here by my side.

    Old house or new house, His Presence is worldwide! Learn More

  10. Sarala's Song, A Little Girl Stands Tall to Teasing
    Sarala has a Mommy and Abba who love her ever so much. She even has a song about it, which Mommy made up especially for her. But when some girls start being mean to her in school, can Sarala manage to use this song—and the knowledge of how special she is—to stay strong and not allow the hurtful words to affect her? In this beautiful and powerful book on how to deal with teasing, kids will absorb a most important message that will give them the confidence to stand tall in every situation:

    It never, ever matters what people do or say,

    You always will be special, every single day!

    "This book contains the most important message parents can possibly give their children. It will help parents understand how to create a firm foundation of mental health, and help children deal with the inevitable rejections, failures, insults, and offenses which they will experience in life."

    Dr. Miriam Adahan Learn More

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