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  1. The Illustrated Tanach Series for Children

    Eliyahu on Har Hakarmel tells the story of how, in the times of the first Beis Hamikdash, a terrible drought spread throughout the land because of the avodah zarah of King Achav. The crops did not grow, and the Jewish nation suffered.

    The people had to first do teshuvah in order to receive the much-needed rains. Eliyahu was given the all-important job of bringing the nation back to Hashem so that He could bless the land with rain once again.  

    How will Eliyahu succeed at his mission? Learn More

  2. Small Triumphs, Ahavas Yisroel
    Children will identify with the heartwarming story taken from their own little world. The simple language and artistic pictures blend together to transmit a message about the importance of Ahavas Yisroel that brings the geula closer. The story will encourage children to achieve as many "small triumphs" as possible.

    Laminated pages Learn More

  3. Match 'Em Up! -- Get Ready for Shabbos
    Can you match the objects to where they belong? 

    Your toddler will love getting ready for Shabbos by turning the pages and putting things where they belong.

    Match 'Em Up! Books offer a fun way to develop thinking and matching skills in young minds. 

    Ages 2 to 4 Learn More

  4. I Can Be Makir Tov
    Why should you be thankful?

    So many people are busy helping you all the time -- your parents, your teachers, your friends -- and Hashem is helping you most of all! The more you learn to appreciate all the kind things people do for you, the happier you'll be.
    Climb aboard the Middos Train, and YOU can learn to be a makir tov, too!

    I Can Be Makir Tov is the sixth book in the Middos Train Series -- the perfect way for kids to learn the Torah's approach to good behavior. Climb aboard! Learn More

  5. The B.Y. Times #4 War!
    When Batya Ben-Levi, the B.Y. Times’ good-natured distribution
    manager, leaves on a long-awaited trip to Eretz Yisrael, she just
    knows it’s going to be the greatest, most exciting trip ever. But
    Batya gets a lot more than she bargained for, as she finds herself
    facing deadly danger. Eretz Yisrael is under missile attack—
    and Batya and her two young cousins are right on target!

    Meanwhile, in Bloomfield, the B.Y. Times staffers are facing
    a small war of their own. Some of their classmates seem to
    resent them. And who is the mysterious girl who thinks they
    are just a bunch of snobs?
    Follow the adventures of the girls who put out Bais Yaakov of
    Bloomfield’s school newspaper, the B.Y. Times, in this exciting
    fourth book in the best-selling series. Learn More

  6. The B.Y. Times #5 Spring Fever
    Raizy is not the only one of the B.Y. Times’ staffers who is unhappy. Red-haired, impetuous Nechama Orenstein takes a close look at herself and doesn’t really like what she sees—the star athlete and class clown, the kid no one takes seriously. “Spring fever” hits Bais Yaakov of Bloomfield as Raizy and Nechama decide to change their image. Raizy takes off her glasses and her ponytail, and Nechama sticks her head in a book and, worst of all, quits the machanayim team just days before the big game! There are plenty of laughs—and lessons—in store as the B.Y. Times girls sort themselves out and, finally, recover from their Spring Fever. Learn More
  7. The Baker's Dozen #9, Through Thick and Thin
    Moishy Baker knows a secret: his father is going bankrupt—or so
    Moishy thinks. The Baker kids are determined to save the day by earning
    lots and lots of money. Moishy and Chezky take on the neighbors’
    chores, while the quints open a health spa in their basement. They think
    it’s a fantastic way to make money. Unfortunately, their mother doesn’t
    quite see eye to eye with them…
    Meanwhile, Tikva has problems of her own. Her whole class is
    stargazing the nights away, preparing for the citywide astronomy
    contest, while she doesn’t even know what a star looks like. Being nearblind,
    she feels lonely and left out.
    Finally, Tikva discovers something surprising about herself—and all
    the Baker kids discover something very surprising
    about their father—in this rollicking read
    about everyone’s favorite family. Whatever
    happens, you can be certain of one thing:
    Those Bakers stick together—Through
    Thick and Thin! Learn More
  8. The Baker's Dozen #10, Do Not Disturb
    The problem with being a quintuplet is that you never get your
    own birthday party—or your own room. When Yochie invades her
    privacy once too often, Dini decides that she’s had enough of
    being one of five. She moves out of the big sunny bedroom she
    shares with her sisters. And that’s only the beginning…
    Meanwhile, the Baker boys are busy getting themselves into
    plenty of hot water of their own. To their horror, a thoughtless
    prank has the most unexpected consequences. It takes a lot of
    soul-searching, an emergency trip to the hospital, and a long,
    long night to bring all the Bakers back to their senses—and back
    together again.
    Enjoy the adventures of this one-of-akind
    family in the tenth book of the
    bestselling Baker’s Dozen series: Do
    Not Disturb! Learn More
  9. My Mommy Loves Me

    No matter what I do,

    No matter where I go,

    There is one happy thought

    I always feel and know.

    It makes me smile wide;

    It fills my heart with glee.

    I feel really special...

    'Cause my mommy loves me!

    With this engaging book, you can impart to your child the confidence that you love him, no matter what. When a child absorbs the idea that his mother's every caring deed, warm thought, and even gesture of discipline, is rooted in her love for him, he is filled with a sense of security and self-assurance that accompanies him throughout his life. You can reinforce these vital feelings again and again, by cuddling with your child and reading My Mommy Loves Me together. Learn More

  10. Here Comes the Mitzvah Team!
    Here Comes the Mitzvah Team! - A Story about Zrizus

    Rollicking rhymes and action-packed illustrations show what zrizus really looks like! With a combination of speed and boundless enthusiasm for the mitzvos all around them, a family “mitzvah team” rushes to the rescue on their little riding toys.

    “Lights flash, sirens scream Zooming past, Fast, fast, fast, Here comes the Mitzvah Team!”

    Ages 3-6 Learn More

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