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  1. The Story of the Ribnitzer Rebbe
    Learning From Our Leaders

    Rav Chaim Zanvil Abramowitz, the Ribnitzer Rebbe, was fearless when it came to serving Hashem. Nothing could prevent him from keeping the Torah and mitzvos, not even having his life threatened by the evil Russian Communists. He was a very holy man, and countless incredible miracle stories are told about him.

    InThe Story of the Ribnitzer Rebbe, geared specifically for junior readers, you will read all about this great tzaddik’s life of mesiras nefesh, and the many wonders that he merited to bring about. Learn More

  2. One Yellow Daffodil, A Chanukah Story
    Morris Kaplan sells only the freshest and prettiest flowers  in his shop. But he remembers a time long ago, when everything
    around him was dark and sad. Then one day he saw a bright yellow
    flower growing in an unlikely place. And that flower gave him hope.
    Morris hasn’t celebrated Chanukah since before the war, when
    as a young boy he lit candles with his family in Poland. But that’s
    about to change as two children invite him over to their home for
    David A. Adler’s award-winning book has been revised for early
    readers with new illustrations by Avi Katz.
    “One of the most beautiful and poignant new picture books
    for children.” —New York Post
    “A tribute to the power of friendship and faith.” —The Boston Globe
    “Optimistic… Touches on many universal themes.”

    —The New York Times Learn More

  3. Making the Grade
    Making the Grade

    “I got a hundred,” Leah bragged, “how about you?”
    “I’d r-r-rather not s-s-s-say,” Shiffy stammered. She felt her cheeks grow warm.
    “Come on, what’s the big secret?” Leah snatched Shiffy’s quiz. She sneered at the red marks all across the page.
    “I can’t believe you only knew four words!” she said. “But I’m not really that surprised!”
    Fourth grader Shiffy Perlman is having a rough time. It’s bad enough that school is so hard. No matter how much she studies, she can’t figure out the right answers in class or on tests. Even worse, popular Leah and her gang enjoy making mean comments every chance they get. What can Shiffy do to stop them?
    Readers will root for Shiffy as she strives to make the grade and discovers some insightful surprises along the way. Learn More

  4. When Zevulun Sat On Moishe's Hat
    One day in the middle of this and that

    Zevulun sat on top of a hat.

    Not just on Tatty’s old black hat…

    He sat on Moishy’s bar mitzvah hat.

    Zevulun is in trouble. His brother Moishy trusted him with his precious bar mitzvah hat. Now it’s smashed — what should he do?

    Your children will learn the lessons of responsibility and truthfulness as they laugh at Zevulun’s attempts to undo the results of his mischief. With its catchy tempo, easy rhymes, zany plot, and delightful illustrations, here is a book to enjoy again and again. Learn More

  5. From Wax to Candles
    Follow their amazing journey from hot oil in a factory to beautiful candles we can light for Shabbos. Learn More
  6. From Wool to Tallis
    How is a tallis made?

    Follow its amazing journey from a sheep grazing in a field to a beautiful finished prayer shawl. Learn More

  7. From Vine to Grape Juice
    A terrific introduction to science for early readers

    How is grape juice made?

    Follow its amazing journey from grapes growing on a vine to juice we can use for Kiddush. Learn More

  8. Let's Meet a Chaveirim Member
    How does Chaveirim help people?

    Let’s spend some time with Chaveirim members as they change a flat tire and help a family that’s lost in the woods.

    Our Community is a series with engaging photographs, written in question-and-answer format. Children will be fascinated to read about and identify with the helpers found in Jewish communities. Learn More

  9. Yossi & Nussi's Trip To The Zoo, Learning Good Middos From Animals Through Pirkei Avos
    Let’s make this trip as unique as can be:

    Join the Stein family as they discover up close the meaning of Yehuda ben Teima’s famous words in Pirkei Avos — and use the lessons they learn in their own avodas Hashem. Learn More

  10. Why Did Hashem Create Me?
    Hashem has created each thing that exists,

    From the galaxies and stars to the knuckles on your fists.

    So why did Hashem create you and me? Learn More

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