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  1. A V'ahavta L'reiacha Kamocha story!

    Chani, the shy new girl in Yaelís class, is being teased by another girl -- and no one is doing anything to stop it. Soon, others are being teased, too. Join Yael as she learns to stand up tall and help her friends!

    Yael is a Lite Girl, and you can be one, too!

    The Lite Girl Series -- love ... inspire ... teach ... encourage Learn More

  2. Reb Leizer spent twenty years (!) of his life in prisons and labor camps in Siberia.

    These were twenty years of inhumane suffering. Reb Leizer was beaten and tortured, imprisoned with murderers and thieves.

    But he did not capitulate!

    Throughout the years of imprisonment and exile, his spirit remained strong. During those frightening years, his emunah and chassidus became even stronger.

    The story was adapted for children and youth in this quality comics edition, creating a riveting, suspenseful drama. Learn More

  3. The Purim Big Book, The Story Of Esther

    Brings the story of Purim to life!

    Take a captivating journey back in time and meet the characters of the Persian town of Shushan. Learn about the miraculous events that brought us the holiday of Purim.

    Discover how we celebrate Purim today and observe its special mitzvos. These mitzvos bring the Jewish people together as we celebrate and share what we have with others. Learn More

  4. Bubby Karp, Senior Detective -- Book 1
    She's one clever Bubby!

    Bubby Karp is no ordinary detective. Most of the time, she's just proud to be the bubby of Nechama, Naftali, Eli, and Ezra. But whenever something strange happens in Spring Hill, she and her grandkids are hot on the trail. 

    Join Bubby Karp and the kids as they search for a priceless violin, unmask an impostor, catch a counterfeiter, and much more. There's never a dull moment in Spring Hill! Learn More

  5. On Stormy Seas, The Comic!
    Adapted From The Bestselling Novel By Shmuel Argaman

    Dear Children,

    The time: WWll.
    The place: Salonika, Greece.

    The cursed Nazis, who had set the dreadful goal of destroying the Jewish people - reached Salonika, and its Jews were in real danger. Against all odds and despite many obstacles, brothers Moshe and David try to save their own lives and the lives of other children.

    Will they succeed?

    Come find out in this book filled with suspense, adventure, and important lessons in emunah and bitachon in Hashem - who decides every single thing that happens!

    So what are you waiting for? Let's go... Learn More

  6. Super Social Skills #3

    Helping Kids with the Basics

    Not staring at those who may look "different.” Maintaining proper boundaries. Including others in your game. Being yourself even when there’s peer pressure.

    Social skills do not always come naturally to kids. Oftentimes it is incumbent upon the adults in a child’s life to point out and actually teach him/her good interpersonal behavior. The Super Social Skills series, by popular children’s author Mrs. Simi Licht, is an excellent means through which to teach children important lessons on how to conduct themselves with others.

    In Super Social Skills 3, you’ll meet Ruchama, who wants to play with her neighbor now, even if it isn’t a good time for her neighbor; Gedalya, who can’t seem to hold back from staring at the handicapped people he sees on the street; and the other true-to-life characters in this 4-stories-in-1 book. Join them all on their journey to good social skills, as they learn the importance of appropriate behavior when around others. Learn More

  7. The Life-Giving Medicine
    And Other Stories about Rav Yisrael Meir Hakohen Kagan, the Chafetz Chaim zt"l

    Even as a young child in Zhetel, his righteousness shone brightly. Everyone knew that this boy had an extraordinary neshamah, and that he was destined for greatness.

    But did any of the townspeople dream just how far little Yisrael Meir Hakohen Kagan would go; how he would change the Torah world with the sefarim that he wrote, the yeshivah that he led, and the example that he set?

    Yes, this boy with the shining middos and outstanding yiras Shamayim grew up to become the holy Chafetz Chaim, whose name and teachings are constantly on our lips almost 100 years later.

    In this book, you will read twenty-five remarkable stories about the greatness of the Chafetz  Chaim. Each story will astound you and inspire you to follow in this towering gadol's beautiful ways. Learn More

  8. Around the World of Shlichus - Comics
    Exciting stories and experiences that happened to the Rebbe's shluchim around the world. The stories provide a glimpse into the world of shlichus and emphasize the supernatural hashgacha pratis that the shluchim merit at all times.

    Russia - Eretz Yisroel - Austria - Argentina Learn More

  9. Kid Sisters Books 10-12
    Sarah Chinn, Naomi Kaufman, Rivky Segal, Melissa Farber and Debby Kaplan have a lot in common. They’re all fourth graders in Bais Yaakov of Bloomfield. And they’ve all got terrific stories to tell!

    The fourth grade class is playing a special game, “Giants and Elves.” Everyone is excited — except for Rivky who is sick and will have to miss all the fun. But as always, the Treehouse Kids manage to find a way to solve their problems — and have a great time too! Find out how in Giant Steps.

    The treehouse is in danger! Can the Kid Sisters find a way to save their tree? Meanwhile, Debby is trying to figure out why the other club members seem to be avoiding her. It takes mistakes and misunderstandings until the five friends learn the right way to solve their problems. Read all about it in The Wrong Way.

    Debby’s parents are taking her to Adventureland for her birthday, but she can only invite two friends. How will she choose? And Sarah is proud of being the best baker in fourth grade — until she discovers there’s another great baker that everyone is talking about. Hear all about it in Ups and Downs. Learn More

  10. The Light from America
    And Other Stories About Maran Harav Moshe Feinstein Zt"l

    Reb Moshe Feinstein was greatness personified. He was a brilliant gaon in Torah and halachah; his hasmadah and love for Torah were mind-boggling; and his middos were golden. How lucky American Jewry was to merit having such a gadol in its midst!

    In The Light From America you will read twenty-five magnificent stories about the righteousness, wisdom, and sensitivity of Reb Moshe. Each one adds another stroke to the beautiful portrait of one of the greatest gedolei Yisrael of recent times. Learn More

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