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  1. Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal!

    What happens when...

    ...Lali locks the door of her school's library without knowing who's still inside?
    ...Yoni begins training messenger pigeons?
    ...Yehudah, the chassan, is missing a fork and the children go fetch him one?
    ...Sruly finds a bag of strange wedding costumes that aren't anyones size?

    Come share in the latest dramatic adventures of the Schneiders' 21 children! Learn More
  2. Purim and Pesach With the Gedolim
    Stories of Our Torah Leaders

    Rejoice on Purim along with the Shpoler Zeide, Rav Isser Zalmen Meltzer, Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, Rav Shalom Schwadron, and many other Torah giants

    Celebrate Pesach together with Rav Shmuel Salant, the Chafetz Chaim, Rav Refael Baruch Toledano, Rav Shach, Rav Ovadiah Yosef, and many other great sages!

    In this beautiful, one-of-a-kind book, you will find dozens of gedolim stories on the topics of Purim and Pesach. Read about the Belzer Rebbe's legendary Megillah leining...why the Kozhnitzer Maggid asked a poor chassid to give him mishloach manos...why the Apter Rav was found playing with coins on the Noda B'Yehudah saved the entire Jewish community from being destroyed one Motza'ei Baba Sali helped free a kidnapped man on Shabbos Hagadol...why Rav Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld was repeatedly held back from giving a kosher l'Pesach certification to a certain factory...and lots and lots of other amazing stories! Learn More

  3. In Kind DVD
    In Kind DVD

    Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation Learn More

  4. Super-Agent Gizmo #2, Operation Time Travel

    A Comic

    Super-Agent Gizmo is back in an all-new adventure!

    Mystery abounds in Super-Agent Gizmo: Operation Time Travel as Gizmo and Inspector face off against a new foe.

    How did the elusive Timekeeper break into Area 51 and what was he after? What was in Blaze's safe before its disappearance?

    Who is pulling Timekeeper's strings, and why does he need Super-Agent Gizmo for his evil scheme?

    Learn the answers in this new thriller that has Gizmo travel to the past to save the future. And see how Gizmo, with the help of his sister Sara, absorbs the most important lesson of all: derech eretz.

    It's all your favorite characters with a new cast of unforgettable fun. Learn More
  5. Hatoldot The Rebbe - Comics
    The biography of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, takes us on a fascinating journey through the important events in the Rebbe's life. In this book, you will read about his life from birth until he accepted the nesius.

    The content of this book has been adapted for children. It is written in a light manner with emphasis on educational lessons. The book offers a fascinating and enjoyable read! Learn More

  6. Traitor DVD
    Join us as we embark on a real-life experience navigating the conflicting emotions of social challenges in Junior High School Learn More
  7. Trapped In Hydropolis
    Just an angry driver?

    Just an innocent walk at the seashore?

    Just a mysterious note from the Professor?

    Tak and Benjy have no idea what awaits them deep undersea. In the dim, blue hallways of Hydropolis, they are forced to come

    up with creative ways to make sure that the evil Dr. Flux doesn't capture the most dangerous weapon of all.

    Join them on a swirling adventure! Learn More

  8. Mrs. Honig's Cake #8, Teatime With Mrs. Honig
    Mrs. Honig’s steady stream of stories and goodies are never-ending — and you’re invited to join! Have a cup of magical tea and a tempting treat as Mrs. Honig leads you into a world of wonderful characters. Allow yourself to be swept away to colorful places where timely lessons are brought home to you. You’ll be enchanted and warmed, amused and enlightened as the legendary Mrs. Honig indulges you yet again.Approbations:"Mrs Honig’s Cakes stories are wholesome, interesting, enjoyable and age-appropriate. They possess a feeling for Yiddishkeit and illustrate good middos. Young readers will identify with these characters.”Rabbi Oscar Ehrenreich, Principal, Bais Yaakov Boro Park"Mrs. Honig is charming, wholesome, full of gentle humor and chein. Lovely stories for Jewish kids."Yaffa Ganz Learn More
  9. Mitzventions - All 3 Episodes DVD
    Professor Lempelovitch is looking for a new workshop for his Mitzventions Laboratories where he creates unique inventions to help people better and more easily preform Mitzvos.

    Episode 1 Dream Bigger 15 minutes

    Episode 2 Fuzzy Logic 14 minutes

    Episode 3 Professor Lempelovitch gets lost thanks to a "faulty" GPS. On his way to finding directions he helps Yehoshua find his way in Davening with more kavanah thanks to some nifty inventions...or not.

    13 minutes Learn More

  10. Mitzvah Kinder -Refuah Shleima
    Mitzvah Kinder -Refuah Shleima Learn More
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