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  1. Titanic #3, A Formula For Danger
    TITANIC 3 is the third volume in the series that weaves together the story of the Titanic, the legendary “unsinkable” ship, with the tale of Moshe, a poor village boy who moves to the big city and gets swept up by his dizzying financial success.

    In this volume you’ll read about the Russian Secret Police’s search for a valuable test tube that appears to have been lost at sea along with the Titanic, and about the lawsuit that one Mr. Ellis Rhodes serves against Rav Moshe Wallas’s yeshivah. Does the secret test tube in Moshe’s possession hold the key to keeping everything afloat?

    FIND OUT IN TITANIC 3! Learn More

  2. Rubashkin - Against all odds!
    Reb Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin operated a giant kosher meat processing plant.

    He was a victim of a libel, and the court gave him an unprecedented verdict. Jews throughout the world davened for him and the best lawyers tried to reduce his sentence. It seemed their efforts weren’t helping, but Reb Sholom Mordechai never gave up, his emunah and bitachon in Hashem onlygrew stronger.

    And then, when it seemed that there was no hope left, Reb Sholom Mordechai suddenly received the news that he was freed!

    The emotional, dramatic story, saturated with emunah, was adapted for the very first time in this comic book. Learn More

  3. Kids Speak #12
    Moishy is a real leader. He’s not conceited, he tells the truth no matter what, and he’s friends with everyone. The whole class looks up to him. When his class gets into a fight with the parallel class, Moishy suggests a daring and totally unexpected way out that shocks both classes—and now you too.

    Lele and her family find themselves struggling with frightening neighbors who threaten them forcefully. Nothing seems to help until… The surprising ending to Lele’s story can help any child or family dealing with difficult, problematic neighbors.

    Orit’s grandmother attends a school performance—and turns into the star of a very different show. Orit learns more about her grandmother’s life story and a lot about showing consideration for the feelings of others.

    Yoni moves to a new city and has a hard time adjusting. He misses his friends and doesn’t connect with any of the boys in his class. He plans a Great Escape, with the help of…the boys in his new class.

    Fourteen boys and girls are the heroes of Kids Speak 12.

    Chaim Walder’s popular Kids Speak series brings you more stories about kids aged 8 to 12 on topics they relate to friendship, self-confidence, facing challenges, handling fears, school, and play. In this book, you’ll find stories about children who discover virtues like truthfulness, courage, kindness, gratitude, and more—and in the process find themselves.

    Stunning illustrations by Devorah Benedict. Learn More

  4. 613 Torah Avenue -- Shemos Book/CD
    A children's classic and all-time favorite!

    Chaim from 613 Torah Avenue visits an amusement park where the rides spring to life and he meets a cast of amazing characters. Together, they sing and learn about all the wonderful stories and lessons in Sefer Shemos. 

    Join Chaim for another unforgettable adventure!

    Share the parsha songs of your childhood with your kids!

    • Ten makkos, makkos ten,
      The Mitzrim were punished again and again
    • It’s time to learn Torah right now.
      Follow me — I’ll show you how.

    Comes with a read-along/music CD featuring the original classic recording Learn More

  5. Just Imagine! Their Tales in Our Times #3
    Exciting and educational modern-day comics, based on the holy stories of Chazal

    Dear Children,

    You are probably familiar with many of the stories of Chazal. Despite that, sometimes it's hard to connect to these stories because they took place so long ago, when life was completely different from what we are used to today.

    This book will take you on an exciting, imaginative journey that depicts those well-known stories as if they were happening in our times. The details may be different but the deep lessons they teach are exactly the same!

    You'll be drawn into these entertaining and wise stories. Then after each comic you'll read the original story it was based on. Get ready to be surprised by fun comics with a deliciously familiar flavor... Learn More

  6. Middos Malka #1, Sure I Can Share! Book/CD

    Sure I Can Share! - Book & Read-Along CD

    Meet MiddosMalka - lovable, kind, and ready to help out in any middos emergency!

    As MiddosMan's cousin, MiddosMalka knows exactly what it takes to help kids with their middos. Together with her friends the Fluffies, she is happy to take on any middos call that comes her way!

    Like the bestselling MiddosMan series, MiddosMalka is an exciting way to teach the concepts of middos and Torah values to young children, by combining fun stories, music, and rich, full-color illustrations. Kids will love the warm, relatable characters in these stories, and will eagerly ingest the real-life middos lessons that the stories bring out.

    Singing voices are male only! Learn More

  7. My Little World, A Child's First Book
    Shuli and Sruli are sister and brother.

    They play together and love each other.

    Join the fun with Shuli, Sruli, and baby sister Malki as they explore the world, they see around them. Learn about animals, colors, feelings, clothes, seasons, shapes, and much, much more! Here is an experiential and educational book recommended by experts and perfect for developing young minds.

    My Little World was written in conjunction with child development professionals and presents a broad spectrum of topics and basic concepts that will:

    • Develop language skills

    • Increase attention span

    • Enhance social skills

    • Teach a range of new ideas

    • Enrich the child’s emotional world

    Reading this book with your child is sure to be a wonderful learning experience.

    About the Author:

    Devorah Benedict is an author, illustrator, and art therapist. She gives workshops throughout Israel and has illustrated hundreds of children’s books. She specializes in using the medium of art to impart messages to young children, and is the author of numerous bestselling children’s books, which have been translated into six languages. Her books include The Munchkies, a book about healthy eating habits, and the I Want a Friend series, which gives kids essential social skills. Learn More

  8. Kids Cooking With Chef Shiri, Easy Recipes, Fun Facts, Torah Tidbits & More!
    Come and join Chef Shiri and Buzz the Brachos Bee as they cook up foods that are so much fun to make - and so delicious to eat!

    Fantastic kid-friendly recipes.

    Every recipe includes a list of utensils and ingredients needed. Clear, easy-to-follow instructions Three cooking levels: Easy Shmeezy, Rising Star, Junior Chef And that's not all.

    Here are some more amazing features in Kids Cooking with Chef Shiri:

    Wonders of Creation: Let's read about the awesome world Hashem created for us.
    Buzz the Brachos Bee: Buzz tells you about berachos.
    A Dash of Humor: You're going to love these jokes!
    Chef Shiri Says: Tips to make you an even better cook
    Torah Tidbits: Short, interesting Torah thoughts
    Kitchen FAQs: Find out about the laws of keeping kosher.
    Fun Food Facts: Strange but true! Learn More

  9. The Rebbe's Niggunim #2 DVD
  10. The Twins From France HHHHH DVD
    The Twins From France HHHHH DVD Learn More

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