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  1. The Joy of Jewish Art for Children, A Guide for Parents and Teachers

    Devora Piha is the art teacher you always dreamed of for your children. She is creative, nurturing, and makes Judaism come alive in ways many of us have never imagined. In this incredible work, Mrs. Piha has gathered over thirty years of her knowledge, experience, and excitement to share with Jewish parents and teachers. She provides dozens of ready-to-go projects as well as countless lessons, ideas, and stories to bring Jewish art into our lives-and hearts.


    "It is with true pleasure that I read Devora Piha's book, The Joy of Jewish Art for Children. It is a rich addition to anyone's library; anyone who has wondered how art fits in the Torah world, anyone who wishes to teach art, will be amply rewarded with the wealth of the author's insights, knowledge of child development, and rich examples taken from her practice…I loved it."

    Dr. Judy Belsky, psychologist, author, and artist

    "A wonderful surprise, an original work for Jewish parents and teachers designed to develop both artistic creativity and character in young children in a religious Jewish framework… A refreshing, innovative guide to teaching children wholesome, ethical, and moral values based upon Jewish tradition…The book is at the same time a very practical, hands-on "how to" manual for teaching children self-expression through art, by using Jewish art and biblical and traditional Jewish tropes as models to inspire and mold Jewish children."

    Michael (Kaniel) Kaufman, author of A Guide to Jewish Art and editor of Jewish Art

    About the Author

    Devora Piha describes herself as a light bulb that lights up when she is teaching art to children. Born into a family of artists, her parents were her first teachers and role models. Teaching art to children began at an early age and has continued to improve - like fine aged wine. Devora has an exceptional talent for recognizing the wonders of the visual world. Her eyes are always open to the beauty around us and within us, and she is happily compelled to share her unique insights with others.

    Devora Piha lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel, known for its wondrous blend of people, with her husband, children, and grandchildren. Learn More

  2. Chabad Siddur (with explanatory translation and insights)
  3. Binyan Blocks - Shabbos Table
    A large Shabbos family table with all the trimmings. A hardwood floor and full Shabbos meal.

    273 Pcs. 6 figures included.

    Ages 6+ Learn More

  4. Siddur Shabbos & Yom Tov for Youth
    Siddur Shabbos & Yom Tov for Youth

    Davening is so much more that just saying the words. It also means thinking about Hashem and about your connection to Him. This siddur is designed especially for that purpose. Not only does it contain all the tefillos you need for davening, it will also help you learn how to daven. There are many exciting new features in this siddur which will help you learn how to daven like a real chossid. Learn More

  5. School Bus Wooden Pushka
  6. Purim For The Very Young
    Purim For The Very Young

    A "Read it Again" book

    Laminated Pages Learn More

  7. Shabbos Tatty - Wooden Shabbos Set
    Shabbos Tatty - Wooden Shabbos Set

    Includs tray, Challah Cover, Kiddush Cup, Knife, 2 Challos Learn More

  8. Mein Leren Buch Game - Yiddish (Electronic)
    Mein Leren Buch Game - Yiddish (Electronic))

    Ages 3+ Learn More

  9. Top Secret Game
  10. Magnetic Dress Up Game #1

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