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  1. The Queen of Persia DVD
    The Queen of Persia DVD.

    This fun-filled animated adaptation of an ancient story is a creative and entertaining drama based on the fascinating biblical Purim story. Step back 2,000 years to a time of turmoil in the great Persian empire. See how a young Jewish orphan girl, Esther, becomes queen to the most powerful in the empire and saves her people from certain destruction! Learn More

  2. Miracle Lights DVD
    Join Benny and his Zaidy (grandfather) for the thrilling adventure of the Chanukah story! Be amazed and delighted as Miracle Lights takes you back to a time of danger and triumph! Laugh, thrill and cheer as the action-packed adventure of Chanukah unfolds in this incredible animated production! Fun-filled entertainment for the whole family! (Video/DVD in color, 50 minutes). Learn More
  3. Now I Know My Aleph Beis  DVD
  4. Out of Egypt  DVD
    Out of Egypt DVD

    Shazak Productions, the producers of Miracle Lights and Queen of Persia, invite you to come along on a spectacular, epic journey -- from slavery to freedom! Experience the miraculous exodus of the Jewish people out of the mighty Egyptian empire -- in Shazak's unique, fun-filled, educational style. The DVD depicts the authentic Pesach story from the Chumash brought to life by Shazak! A spectacular 92-minute fun-filled animated cartoon endorsed by educators worldwide. Learn More

  5. Mitzvah Boulevard #1 -  Eli Learns His A"B DVD
  6. Wonders of Hashem #1 - Safari Adventure DVD
    Ari and his Abba are on a fun and adventurous trip to the jungles of Africa. Join them as they explore the amazing animals found in the African jungle AND LEARN ABOUT THE WONDERS OF HASHEM. This FUN, exciting and educational DVD is packed with JOKES, "FASCINATING FACTS" and special "IN THE TORAH" segments!Your children will laugh and learn NEW THINGS EACH TIME THEY WATCH IT! Featuring cartoon animation, real animal footage, images and AMAZING graphics. Recommended for children ages 3 and up. Learn More
  7. Bella Bracha #1, Bella Bracha Goes To A Wedding
    Bella Bracha Goes To A Wedding DVD.

    From the creator of "Mitzvah Boulevard" and the "Wonders of Hashem", Torah Treasure presents a animated series for girls starring the lovable and adorable "Bella Bracha." When "Bella Bracha" finds out her cousin Shaina Baila is getting married, Bella Bracha is overjoyed and can hardly wait for the big day. Join Bella Bracha and friends as she learns some of the things that can happen at a real chasunah (not like the mock weddings in her living room) as well as a few lessons about jealousy and the mitzvah of being m'sameach a chosson and kallah (bringing joy to a bride and groom)!

    Featuring an original soundtrack of fun and lively songs, this DVD is sure to have children learning, enjoying and singing all day long!

    DVD includes "Kol Ish" version with boy singing. Learn More

  8. The Twins In Trouble DVD
  9. Megillas Lester DVD
    Lester, or Doniel Lesterovirch, is the everyman of Jewish elementary school age kids. He's not looking for trouble but trouble sure finds him - a whole lot of it. While directing his school's Purim play, Lester gets a knock on the head from a fallen box of puffy paint and falls unconscious - and into another world. Suddenly, he finds himself in the middle of the feast of King Achashverosh, and through a case of 'mistaken' identity, it is Lester who is asked to go summon queen Vashti to the party! Lester is so convincing that Vashti actually decides to go - and by the time Lester realizes what's happened it's too late... a whole new plot has been set in motion. Vashti is not killed, there is no search for a new queen so Esther never comes to the palace, and that leaves nobody to save the Jews from evil Haman! Amidst foot-stomping catchy original songs and a hilarious sub plot involving Bigsan and Seresh's murder schemes, Lester runs all over Shushan trying to stay out of Haman's way and set the Purim story back on track. Eventually, order is restored and Lester learns and important lesson about The Almighty running the world and putting the right people in the right place at the right time. Learn More
  10. Mitzvah Blvd. #3 - Shabbos DVD
    It's Friday afternoon, Shabbos is coming soon and Bubby is off to a late start. It's a race against time with so much to do to get ready for Shabbos. Will they make it in time? Join the cast of Mitzvah Boulevard as they learn all about Shabbos and the things we do for the special day. Mitzvah Boulevard "Shabbos" is the third in the Mitzvah Boulevard series of learning and entertainment DVD's.

    Each Mitzvah Boulevard DVD is packed with Torah and Jewish values presented in a way that kids of all ages will understand and enjoy! Running time: 35 minutes - Guest appearance by Benny Friedman. Learn More

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