It's All In Your Mind: The Jewish Path to Unlocking Your Potential

The potential power of our thoughts is tremendous. In fact, the secret to success lies n the power of thought.How can we realize our life's dreams and aspirations? Can we change our destiny? How do we avail ourselves of the Almighty's boundless goodness and beneficence? Is it possible to control our thoughts? How can we properly thank Hashem for His endless bounty, kindness and generosity? How can we learn to cope with fear, pressure, anger and resentment? _____________ If you are ready to break with the negative attitudes formed in your past, If you want to improve your perspective on your surroundings, If you want to experience a sense of serenity and steadfast faith in Hashem, If you are interested in acquiring a true sense of self-worth, And most important, if you want to bring about changes that will pave the way for a qualitative improvement in your life......this book will prove to be an invaluable guide. Take a few moments from your hectic schedule to reflect on the truly important things in your life.It's All In Your Mind is not merely interesting, informative reading. The author provides an abundance of practical instruction and real-life examples enabling us to acquire a healthy, positive outlook on life from a Torah perspective, and a fresh outlook on our innermost thoughts and feelings. Harnessing the potential energy we all possess into constructive channels will enable us to live life to its fullest.

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