Itzikel #1, A Tale of Emunah, Courage and Wit CD

Join Itzikel on his amazing journey of emunah and courage. Get swept up in the tale as Itizkel uses all of his brains and wit to stay true to the Torah in the most trying conditions. Laugh along with this hour long comedy filled adventure, and cheer for Itzikel, as he remains upbeat and cheerful throughout it all. (About the storyteller: Rabbi Yoel Ferber is a beloved Rebbe at Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel in Brooklyn, NY. He has also been a popular storyteller for close to a decade and has performed live in countless venues for thousands of children. His live performances are known for comedy, an amazing array of voices, and incredible sound effects. The storylines are entertaining, gripping and filled with suspense. Themes of Torah and Yiras Shomayim are interwoven into his plots.)


1 The Horses

2 Trip To Volozhin

3 Volozhiner Yeshiva

4 The Minsk Marketplace

5 The Russian Army

6 The Siberian Army Camp

7 The Takeover

8 The Engineer

9 The Duke's Son

10 The Army Headquarters

11 The Letter

12 The Downfall

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