Jews in the New World, History, Halachah, & Hashkafa

Our story is not a journey…it is, rather, an odyssey.

The United States of America is a station like no other in our long-suffering exile. A typical work of history does not do justice to the Jewish People’s story in the “New World.”

Rabbi Taub lifts the veil and shares the hidden hashgachah, the surreptitious circumstances, and the concealed characters that formed the nuclei of our survival in this new land. In lieu of timestamps that follow a dry sequential order, the author shares how the lighthouse of Torah has allowed for meaningful glimpses of Hakadosh Baruch Hu “min ha’charakim.”

This is a work of hakaras hatov — of gratitude and recognition to the great rabbanim, askanim, and secular leaders, the “American firsts,” who bequeathed to us the freedoms we enjoy today. And most importantly, it is a celebration of the hashgachah pratis of the One and Only.

“Rabbi Moshe Taub deserves a hearty yasher koach for preserving the legacy of religious Jews back to colonial times and transmitting that legacy to those who can learn from it and build upon it.”

Jonathan D. Sarna, Professor of American Jewish History, Brandeis University

About the author:
Rabbi Moshe Taub
 lives in Queens, New York with his wife Nechama and five children. He is the Rav at Young Israel of Holliswood/Holliswood Jewish Center in Queens, New York. His “Shul Chronicles” column — which has been a weekly feature in Ami Magazine since the magazine’s inception — touches upon areas of halachah, hashkafah, and the rabbinate. He serves as well as Ami Magazine’s Rabbinical Editor. Rabbi Taub teaches on a variety of subjects at several Torah institutions and yeshivos in the NYC area and has been a guest speaker/lecturer for eclectic crowds, ranging from premier yeshivos and shuls to Harvard Law School. He has served as menahel at Telshe Yeshiva/Riverdale, the director of BVK Kosher, and the rabbi of the Young Israel of Buffalo, as well as in various other roles and positions.

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