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  2. Chosson V’Kallah CD
    Chosson V’Kallah CD

    7 Tracks Learn More

  3. We Will Never Change -CD
    We Will Never Change C.D.

    A dramatic tale spiced with humor, of two children who were kidnapped by the Cantonists in the 1800's, but stood firm to their Yidishkeit, and how they were miraculously saved. Over an hour running time. Good for Sefira and The Three Weeks. Learn More

  4. The Great Plan CD
    The Great Plan C.D.

    Boris Gafiltakovsky has devised a great plan. His friend, Peter Krutyansky, has come up with an even greater plan. Unfortunately, they are plotting against R'Avraham, one of the wealthiest and well-respected men in town. Will R' Shmuel, the town's prosecutor, be able to rescue R'Avraham from this mess? Follow this fascinating tale of drama and humor to how it unfolds. Good for Sefira and The Three Weeks. Over an hour running time. Learn More

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