Lipa Schmeltzer

  1. The Event - 5769
  2. Dus Pintele-The Hidden Spark  CD - דאס פינטעלע
    The album titled Dus Pintele – The Hidden Spark features thirteen stunning track in the style of A Poshiter Yid, yet with updated sounds and arrangements which are sure to launch LIPA to the top of stardom. Already being hailed a hit song is the track “Yid Boord” is one of the pumping tracks on this album.Tracks 1. Nodeh LeShimcha 2. Angel 3. Kaf Al Kaf 4. Yegia Kapecha 5. Adon Kol Hasimcha 6. Dus Pintele Yid 7. Ohev Shalom 8. Ata Kidashta 9. Where Is Your Beard 10. Im With You 11. Higia Zman Hageula 12. Venikdashti 13 Vehaya Beacharis Hayamin Learn More

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